Chipboard TARDIS Earrings (Diamond Glaze Sealed)

Hello Sweeties

I've been wanting to make me a pair of TARDIS earrings since December 2013 when I saw my first episodes of Dr. Who.

I hadn't made a piece of jewelry in a long time.  I hadn't used Diamond Glaze in over a year, which is probably why I have lots of bubbles.  Aaaarrrggghhh!!  Guess what? I'm wearing them anyway because I love them! :-)

Instead of adding that emblem on the right, I put my name there.  hehehe

First I created the TARDIS in my Pazzles software.  I was initially trying to cut the pieces out, but they were too small so I decided to create it for print and glued it down on top of .022 chipboard.  I painted the back of the chipboard and the sides before I glued down the printed piece.  After that I added the Diamond Glaze on top.

I have all those bubbles because I used a brush to apply the Diamond Glaze. You're supposed to let that stuff flow naturally and I forgot to do that.

In the Pazzles Pro 2010 software I had to make up a color I thought would be close to the TARDIS color.  I got lucky and came up with this color and named it "TARDIS Blue" and added it to my default palette so I'll always have it.  Here's the combination:  R: 15, G: 156, B: 78,

I made the mod podge sealed chipboard TARDIS earrings and added a necklace.

Ok, talk to ya later.

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