Learning PopUp Card Studio (PCS) by Make-The-Cut (MTC)

I love this new popup card software by MTC.  It's really not too difficult to use, but I have to get used to the short cut keys and seeing things in a popup kinda way on a computer.  As you know I like to make 3D projects.  I've made popups manually, but I have to see the software side a bit differently.  I like a challenge, so it's all good.  :-)

UPDATE:  I tried to assemble this house and got so frustrated I decided to reconstruct it to make the rooftops more manageable.  Right now the shingles are too skinny and easily break away.  I'll update with a new photo as soon as I get this right.

Here is my first house.  I've sent a help signal out on MTCs forum to help me with those darn windows.  Adding windows is not so to the point in PCS, but as with anything, you have to learn the rules.

I can definitely see some pieces falling out and leaving just a hole.  We don't want that.

This is the house I used as an inspiration.  It seemed simple enough because I could see what pieces I should place on different planes.  I know for sure I will have to redo the garage and front door.  I'll have to cut out some pieces and adhere it on.  I have learned that there is no way I can make a house look exactly like the photo because there are limitations to consider (no matter how much I want to).

I'm really happy Andy created MTC and PCS.  Thank you Andy!  :-)

If you all don't have MTC you should stop by and download the trial version at least - to see if you like it.  Make sure your die-cutter is compatible.  Andy has a list of supported die-cutters on the website.  The other good things about both of these applications is that they are not expensive, but do a lot AND you don't have to pay for updates.  On top of that, Andy and Ann have "the best" customer service I have ever experienced with software.

I'm not an affiliate, but if you go to the forum, say hi when you get there.  :-)


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