Make-The-Cut and PopUp Card Studio (Pazzles Inspiration Blade Offset)

Hey all

I'm writing this post for people who have the Pazzles Inspiration Die-Cut machine and use Make-The-Cut (MTC) - Verson 4.6.1.

I'm new to using MTC even though I've had it on my computer since 2011.  I recently started to cut from it because I have the new Popup Card Studio (PCS) software by MTC.  This is when I started to notice my cuts were off.  The beginning of the post is at the very bottom.
Feb 18, 2014

After days of trying so many different things, I've had some success, but my methods were a surprise to me. I did just the opposite of what I normally do in some cases, like cutting in high speeds with a high blade length and using multi-cut on regular cardstock.

First, I use Color Bok paper from Walmart.  I've been cutting designs using this paper for a long time.  My Pazzles love it.  MTCs Pazzles plug-in does not seem to like it much.

At first I was using a blade depth of 1.5 and up to 29 for pressure because 1.5 blade depth and 30+ kept ripping up my paper in random areas.  After reading some posts on MTC, one of the Pazzles gurus told me she uses a blade depth of 2.5.  My blade is fairly new and I have never had to use a blade depth of 2.5 on anything but .022 chipboard.  I also read on the forum that I should decrease the speed to 2 to stop the ripping.

In my Pazzles software I don't use a speed of 5 unless it is for my score marks.  In MTC, I used a speed of 5 for all the cuts, along with a blade depth of 2.5 and pressure of 23, but I had to cut this cardstock twice!  When I decreased the speed to 3 and 2, my paper ripped the text in some areas.  Hmmm.  Still not sure why the Pazzles plug-in on my machine wants to go fast to cut accurately.

I went back to my Pazzles machine and tried to cut the same file.  I had to put the blade depth back on 1.5 and put the pressure at 25 and I only had to cut the design once.

I am sooooo confused.

Now, this is where I had duh moments:

I was thoroughly upset because my cuts were so wonky when I tried cutting the svg files created by PCS in MTC.  I kept thinking I was going to have to take the SVG file back into the Pazzles software, which does not handle SVG files well, but was cutting so much better.  Well, the truth is that you must do some editing after transporting files from one application to another.  I knew this, but it was so far back in my brain it was lost.

So, after I made a basic PCS file, converted it to SVG and brought it into MTC, I put the score marks on one layer and the cut lines on another layer, as it should be, and my cuts were much better when I cut each section by itself.  The duh moment here was me trying to "just cut" the file in its entirety (letting the machine cut whatever whenever).  That was so wrong.  I can't do this in my Pazzles software so why was I expecting it to work in MTC?  My senior moments had increased to the 3rd power, but I think I'm ok now.  :-)  I won't say I've found the perfect solution for cutting these files just yet, but it has gotten better with a lot of trial and error.

The other thing I've got to learn is how to tell if I need to have Auto Simplify on or off in MTC.

Feb 17
Ok, I don't think this has anything to do with each other, but since I changed the blade offset in MTC to .08mm, my Pazzles knife offset had to be changed from 12 to 10.  I'm thinking something is up with the SVG files created by PCS.  I may be wrong, but I don't have issues cutting SVG files that are not created by PCS.  AAAArrrggghh! I know Andy will be on top of this if others have the same issue, so no worries here.  I just have to deal with this for now.  If I knew how to manipulate nodes in MTC like I do in Pazzles Pro, maybe I could make some other changes that might help me out.  I turned on the node feature in MTC, but I don't see any open paths in the PCS converted SVG, so not sure if nodes are my problem.

I cut some other svg files in MTC without a problem at all.  I kept the blade offset at the default of .33mm for the Pazzles Inspiration plug-in.  When I cut the PCS files I had to change the blade offset to a much lower number.  I changed the blade offset from .33mm to .08mm and the cut is just fine.  I don't know if I will need to change the blade offset again for other non-PCS files, but I'll let you know if I do.
Feb 16, 2014

This is what I was getting when I was cutting the SVG files created from PCS:

This was driving me crazy.  I did some research and someone from 2011 stated he/she decreased their blade offset to .10mm and closed the start and end point.  When I changed my blade offset to .10mm, the cut was good, but I could still see the little snag, which is why I tried the .08mm blade offset.  So far, so good.


  1. I am also having that problem sent in a picture and file to Bryan and support waiting to head back.

    1. Hey there

      So far it seems that I fixed the blade offset issue in MTC, but now I'm having problems in my PI software even though I wasn't having a problem there (only with the PCS/SVG files). In my PI software that nick is on the left side.