Origami, Kirigami, Popups (Resources)

I have read quite a bit about origami, kirigami, and popups.  I am not sure which technique I use, but I think it's kirigami because what I do involves folding and cutting resulting in a 3D image and using one sheet of paper to display it.....but I make popup cards using Popup Card Studio (PCS) by Make-The-Cut (MTC).  Let me tell you, I'm so happy to have both of these applications because I was manually making popup cards.  If you've ever made a popup card manually, you know it takes a while.  It's relaxing, but now that I know how to make the popups manually, I really want to make them faster using software.  Did I mention I'm a software hound too (will try to learn every one I know about)?  I'm getting the best of a few worlds.  I love creating, technology, art, paper, electronics (in this case my Pazzles), and software.  Can't go wrong there!  :-)

On this page I'll introduce you to some resources I like regarding these techniques.  I will also, if I remember, add some definitions and photos as well.  More than likely, the resources I will list will be my favorites.  Some of the images will just be random images.

Websites and Videos
Elod's Youtube Channel

Zielboer youtube channel


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