Pazzles Inspiration - Replacing the USB Cable

UPDATE March  11, 2014:  I still think something is wrong with either my machine or the blade holder.  I just got new blades.  I cut some fairly thin paper at 1.5 blade depth and at 27 pressure.  I only cut a few times then I had to change the blade depth to 2 and pressure to 15.

I just recently had a bit of a scare with my Pazzles Inspiration die-cutter.  I thought I was going to be without a machine until I could buy a new one because I’m not willing or can afford to send it in for repairs.

Anyway, my cuts were awful.  Imagine cutting a small square and one side cuts deep while the other side barely scratches the surface.  I had my blade depth set at 4 and 5 with pressures in the 30s in order to cut regular paper from Walmart.  Sometimes when I had my blade depth at 1.5 and a pressure of 25, it would dig into the mat too!  I destroyed a mat and wasted a lot of paper.  I could not get a consistent cut at all.  I tried some of everything.  Test cutting wasn’t working because the test cuts would be nothing like the real projects I wanted to cut.

After much troubleshooting, I found out a couple of things.  One is that in MTC, I needed to bring my blade offset down to .08mm because my start and end points were not closing up properly (this had nothing to do with the cord though, but was a part of my troubleshooting for the past week).  Secondly, the worst of all, was the inconsistent cuts.  I spoke with someone on the MTC forum and she ran some ideas by me.  Since I had already tried all the other suggestions, the only one I could try was to change the USB cable from the one that shipped with the die-cutter.  I had a usb cable from a while back because I needed a new one for a printer.  I ended up finding the old one and stuck the new one in a drawer.  I am so happy I had it on hand because I needed it for my Pazzles.  Once I plugged it in it worked like a charm!  I am now cutting as I expect!  I am sooooo happy I could scream!
I recommend you purchase a USB 2.0 cable for backup.  They come in handy for not just die-cutters, but printers too.  It’s an upgrade and faster than the old versions.  I have no idea what version Pazzles USB cable is, but it was time to change it I guess.  I’ve never had a USB cable go bad on me, but hey, stuff happens.


  1. Thanks Gina. I'll have to try that because I've been having problems as well with my cuts.

    1. Good luck. I'm hoping that's the problem so you don't have to spend any more time on trying to figure out why your machine is acting up. Like you, I'd rather craft than troubleshoot.