Block Letter R with Mercer Logo/Seal

Here's my second block letter!  It looks a lot cleaner than my first block letter.  I had another idea for this, but then changed my mind and decided to use my undergrad school colors and logo.  I attended Mercer University when I lived in Macon, GA.

The logo is in a window with acetate in front of it (placed inside the letter before I added the back R on).  I used hotfix rhinestuds to give a little bling to the look.  The front and back Rs are both .022 chipboard painted with black acrylic paint and sealed with glossy mod podge.  I used orange cover weight cardstock (65 lb) for the pieces holding the Rs together.

The result was better than I expected. I like the combination of the chipboard and the cover weight cardstock too.

Here's the popup card I made too:


Printable Paper Doll - Pink and Black Poet Blouse (SVG, MTC, WPC)

***Paperdolls no longer available.***
Over the past few days I've been thinking of so many ways to use these printables.  My most favorite idea is to use them as cake toppers.  The other idea is to cut them out and place them on greeting cards when you want dimension or in place of a stamped image. Use those pop dots for a 3D look.

A friend's daughter wants a paper doll placed on chipboard so she can glue the doll to her notebooks and inside her locker.

My dolls can and will be used as a thicker in a few projects.

I would like to print a paper doll on acetate for a report cover.  I'll try that later and post it to let you see how that looks (if it turns out bad, forget it, I won't embarrass myself :-)  ).

I'll be showing you more popup card projects with the paper dolls included too.

If you're good at working with SVG, MTC, and WPC files, you can change all the colors in these files.  You can also use the dolls as a paper piecing (good idea when you want to make some parts 3 dimensional.

Have fun.



Dreadlocks Paper Dolls by Request (SVG, MTC, WPC)

I got an idea from a sis regarding a paper doll with a dreadlock updo.  Here's my version.  Not sure if this is right, but I tried.  :-)  I have a few more dolls, but this is the one I finally got uploaded to my Etsy shop.

***Paperdolls no longer available.***

Here's another paper doll.  Click on the first view of each doll image to go to their Etsy listing.


Have fun.



3D Block Letter - Letter K (SVG, MTC, WPC) - Free Download

Here are a couple of photos of the 3D block letter and assembly videos.

Have fun.  Here's the download.



Paper Dolls on Stand

Here's my paper dolls on stands and somewhat decorated.  I did a print and cut of the dolls and glued them down to .022 chipboard.  They are sealed with glossy mod podge.  The stand is not included in the file because it's just a simple little piece of paper I folded in half and glued to the back of their feet.  Here's a video showing how to add the stand.

***Paperdolls no longer available.***

Girls justa wanna have funun...ohhh girls just wanna, they really wanna.....ok, ok, I couldn't help but to think of that song seeing my girls together below.  :-)

Later peeps.  :-)



Paper Doll (On a Stand)

Here's one version of one of my printable paper dolls.  The stand is not in the file because it's just a strip you can easily make yourself.

The back of her is .022 chipboard.  I painted the back of it brown.  I sealed the entire thing with glossy Mod Podge.

Added some bling in her hair and on her dress.

You can add them to sticks and make them into cake toppers too! 

Etsy Paper Dolls (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Paperdolls no longer available.







Popup Card Studio Meets My Paper Doll

As promised, I'm showing, for the first time, how I have used one of my paper dolls.  This is a popup birthday card for my friend's mom who will be 84 next month (yes, I'm early, but time flies sometimes and I want to make sure my friend has it on time).

Since my popup card is 6" x 4" folded, my doll had to be shrunk down to size.  The smaller she is though, the less details you'll see.

With her I did a print and cut in Make-The-Cut (MTC) and cut her out using my Pazzles Inspiration die-cutter.  I then adhered her to a piece of .022 chipboard with wet glue so I could move her into place easily.  I then sealed her with glossy Mod Podge to giver her a little shine.  I then adhered her to the popup insert I made in Popup Card Studio.

If you've seen my other projects, you know I like bling!  lol

If you want to try out Popup Card Studio's demo before you buy it, click on the links. This software makes popup card creation less time consuming than how I used to make them.


Pazzles Inspiration 2010 with Updates - Distorting Circles

I have to say first that I really do love my Pazzles Pro 2010 software, but sometimes I want to delete it from my computer.  I guess you can call that a love/hate relationship?  lol

This is not a “can’t cut perfect circle thing”, but instead the software is distorting my circles before I even make a cut.  The software distorts when I weld, group, WYSIWYG, and when I export out to an image.  I don’t recall it doing this before, but that could be because I wasn’t using small circles in my 3D designs.

Is there a setting I can change to stop this software from distorting my circles?

How do I keep 0s in the area where there is .05 in transformation box?  If you want to read about this section and have a book, see page 118.  I read, but don't get it.

Anyway, I try to explain my problem in this video.  If you can help me, I would really appreciate it.  I will post your solution on this page too so it can help others.



Create your own mailing labels

I make my own mailing labels when I need them.  Here's an idea for you.

After your wedding is over and it's time to send out the thank you notes, customize your mailing labels.

I created the design in my Pazzles Pro 2010 software.  The image is from the Pazzles gallery.  I broke the image apart in MTC so I could add some color.  The original image is black and white.  I added the text while I was inside the Pazzles software and added a right side border.

For the first image, I used Avery 5354 template in MS Word.  I don't buy the store labels anymore, I just print the labels on paper, cut to size and adhere to my envelope and or box.  I adhere the labels differently based on the packaging.  The best way I have found is to use the wide clear packing tape to cover my label - leaving about a 1/4" on all sides to adhere to my envelope.  On a larger box I just completely cover the label while sealing the box.

This image is of Avery 5524 template in MS Word, which is a larger mailing label.

If you use adhesive backed paper, you could easily print these onto that paper and cut them out to customize your labels even more.

Here's a mailing label using one of my paper dolls (fictitious company name).

Have fun.



Paper Dolls SVG, MTC, WPC

The free die-cut downloads have a file of a paper doll that can be used as a print and cut and/or paper piecing.

WARNING:  These are not traditional paper dolls (note there are no tabs).  If you have die-cut software you can change colors of all pieces and adhere to a body that should be adhered to thicker card stock or chipboard for sturdiness.  You can also change the colors, lock the pieces, then print as a whole piece and adhere to chipboard or card stock.

If you have any suggestions regarding the files, let me know.

You can also use these as cake toppers!

Click on the doll to download a free file. The watermarks are not on your downloaded file.

The first paper doll made it onto a popup card I made for a birthday.



Pretty soon I will be adding a box to accompany this Breast Cancer Awareness doll.  Ok, click on her to get the revised file.  The revised file has the shadow box.

  I think the box will be good for a display in a doctor's office or for a frame on a wall.  I didn't fully decorate the inside because I'm not sure what to place inside.  Any ideas?
You can change the colors of all pieces in the files.  Feel free to change facial features and skin tones in your copy of the file.

If your software does not have this skin tone color enter these numbers in your custom color section:  RGB numbers are R - 224, G - 164, B - 41


Have fun.  :-)


Free Cat Face Print and Cut File (WPC, SVG, MTC)

Download free print and cut cat face.  File includes .wpc, .mtc, and .svg.





ATG Gun -Print and Cut

On a whim I decided to make an ATG gun I could print out and use as an embellishment on something.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to create. The only problem I really had was making the clear top look right on the image.  If I get really ambitious I'm going to try to make this a paper piecing to place on top of chipboard and/or a 3D project.  Might be easier for me to make this a 3D box instead of a paper piecing.  Oh well, I'll see.

I tried to make this into separate pieces in Make-the-cut, but the clear top keeps converting to black from my Pazzles software. All I want is the outline.  I've got to figure that out.


Basic 2 Story Popup Greeting Card (SVG, MTC, PCS)

Here's a new basic 2 story popup greeting card I made in Popup Card Studio.

Popup Card Insert (measures approx 6" x 8" unfolded)
Card Support (measures approx 6.25 x 8.25 unfolded)
Images of the Assembled Card

The file formats include SVG, MTC, and PCS.  The envelope will need to be assembled.

Find this card on Etsy.



3D Bird House (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Here's the birdhouse I finally finished.  It's my first one, so it's fairly simple.  I may make a bigger one soon, but it will require more parts.  This particular version has 7 pieces and can be assembled pretty quickly.

For my version of the 3D bird house, I chose .022 chipboard.  I painted the pieces with acrylic paint.  Of course you know I had to add bling!  :-)

I didn't add a pole inside of this one, but if you purchase the file you can add a pole inside to hang necklaces or earrings (just one idea). This birdhouse can also be used as a gift box.

Instructional video link is in the instant download file in my etsy shop.



Free Wall Clock Embellishment (SVG, MTC, Print and Cut)

Hey folks

Here's another free file for you to download.  I wasn't sure how to set up the files so in the zip file you will find a svg, mtc, and a file specifically for print and cut.  For those advanced users, I'm sure you can handle the svg file to use it for cutting and/or print and cut.

The clock face should be a print and cut only if you decide to cut this out for an embellishment.  When I get around to cutting this out, I'll post it here.


In my decorated version, my clock face is black with white letters.  I decided to do some inking and heat embossing.  I added brads, rhinestuds, and some gemstones too.

This one is standing, which is why the arrow on the right looks a little crooked (I used thin craft paper).  Normally for something like this I would use chipboard.




Free 3D Vintage Car (SVG, MTC)

I didn't decorate this particular paper model. Hope you like it.  Free Download.

Here's the YouTube tutorials.




Forum Etiquette and Issues

Ok, I am not the pro on etiquette anywhere, but I MUST post some things that I see on forums that does not make sense and sometimes downright rude.  I know that some people have good intentions, but there are others who consistently make comments where they don't need to make comments - I call them forum bullies.  If you have a problem with a forum bully, contact them through PM if you must, but don't leave the forum because of them.  Don't let them rain on your parade.

I'm writing my rants here because I would like to remain professional on the forum(s). The owners of the forum does not deserve how I would respond to a forum bully - it would not be pretty.  Excuse my language, but there are a couple of forum bully b*tches I would like to slap on a regular.  It is so good that I have matured over the years.  :-)  It has taken me almost 5 years to blow my stack about this forum bully thing.  It's time for me to vent!  :-)

1.  Someone asks a question because they need help.

--Don't chastise them and say "It's been said over and over again....."  they could be new to all this stuff, which includes how to look things up or use the internet.  If you find it annoying that you keep seeing the same questions by people, skip over it and move to something else.  DO NOT COMMENT.  None of us were born knowing how to use a computer.  Some people are lazy though and won't look things up for themselves, but many times you can tell which ones are just being lazy (they ask for basic help for years).  If you don't want to help them, don't respond at all.

--Don't respond with something like "Sorry, can't help you".  Why did you bother to respond?!

2.  Someone complains about something that bothers them about the software or gadget that is the main feature of the forum.

--If you must say something rude, don't respond.  Everyone, including you, get annoyed by something and sometimes you just feel the need to get it off your chest (a lot of times, these complaints turn into upgrades and no one needs you to stand in the way by making people feel shy to state their frustrations about something).  Don't bash other people for wanting to vent sometimes too.  If you do, then consider yourself a hypocrite.  Before you bash someone for making a complaint, do the simple thing and think about a complaint you've made or will make.  Would you want someone to bash you for it?

3.  Don't respond to posts if you're going to be rude and don't know what you're talking about.

--I've noticed some people on forums who will respond to every single post whether they know what they're talking about or not.  They seem to have done everything that everybody else has done and make it seem as if they are experts in EVERYTHING.  Sometimes they even get to the point of telling the person that they are "just not doing it right" even though they don't know a thing about the situation.

Have you ever posted a problem with your die-cutter or something else and someone chimes in and says "that never happened to me?"  So what!!  Just because it never happened to you does not mean it's not happening to the person who is posting about it.  I just recently read a post on a forum where one of the forum busy bodies said she never had any paper rip while using her die cutter in 3 years.  Can you believe that?  What a liar.

--Someone asked a really stupid question on the MTC forum that deals with using Cricut files in MTC to cut on their Zing.  Why do people keep doing that? Don’t they know about the Provocraft lawsuits?  I'm going to give this person the benefit of the doubt and say she didn't know.

Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because there was an answer telling this person to basically move on to another subject because MTC people were not going to try to help her after the creator of MTC was sued.  I liked the response in a way, but this is the part I didn’t like…..another member had to chime in and scream the word NO! after I know he/she read the reply above hers.  His/her response was not necessary and was mean. It’s like people are vultures and have that mob mentality.  They wait until someone pounces, hold the victim down, then they stomp on top of them.  So rude!!!

Yes, there is a way to use those Cricut files in other cutters, but I'm not the one to tell you how, but it's possible.  Once you get the hang of making your own designs and manipulating images, you'll figure it out on your own, but no one is willing to be included in a lawsuit to help you out with that - so please stop asking.

NOTE TO "SO-CALLED EXPERTS" WHO GET OFFENDED BY QUESTIONS:  Just because you teach or have been using software longer than newbies does not make you THE EXPERT of everything there is to know about the software (it certainly doesn't give you the license to be rude either).  You may know more than many, but you don't know everything there is to know about the software or gadget or it's potential to be used for techniques you don't know about.  Keep your ears open for NEW techniques and new ideas and don't try to shut people down or try to shut them up because you've used the software or gadget longer (you hurt yourself too because you don't leave room to grow).  Upgrades are constantly made based on questions and techniques introduced by newbies AND experts.

--To those know-it-all resident forum bullies who feel as though they know everything about every thing and have done all things perfectly for MANY YEARS (at least in their minds):  Don't try to correct another poster when you have not checked the facts.  You look even more stupid than normal.

----Just because you say you have done something for x amount of years or decades does not mean you know it all!  It won't deter anyone from questioning your weird answer(s).

Article 1

What are some of the things that bother you about "forum bullies"?  Let us know.

If any of this offends you, you just self-identified yourself as a forum bully.  Good job. :-)


Custom Name Popup Greeting Cards - Popup Card Studio

I will be making quite a few male and female name popup cards to add to my etsy shop.  If you have a special request, contact me here or on Etsy.

Here’s an example of one of the popup cards.  This view is from Popup Card Studio.  When you download the .zip file you will receive a svg, mtc, pcs, and png file.  You will have a popup card insert with the name on it, a card backing for support, and a small envelope.  You can decorate the cards and envelopes any way you like.