Paper Dolls SVG, MTC, WPC

The free die-cut downloads have a file of a paper doll that can be used as a print and cut and/or paper piecing.

WARNING:  These are not traditional paper dolls (note there are no tabs).  If you have die-cut software you can change colors of all pieces and adhere to a body that should be adhered to thicker card stock or chipboard for sturdiness.  You can also change the colors, lock the pieces, then print as a whole piece and adhere to chipboard or card stock.

If you have any suggestions regarding the files, let me know.

You can also use these as cake toppers!

Click on the doll to download a free file. The watermarks are not on your downloaded file.

The first paper doll made it onto a popup card I made for a birthday.



Pretty soon I will be adding a box to accompany this Breast Cancer Awareness doll.  Ok, click on her to get the revised file.  The revised file has the shadow box.

  I think the box will be good for a display in a doctor's office or for a frame on a wall.  I didn't fully decorate the inside because I'm not sure what to place inside.  Any ideas?
You can change the colors of all pieces in the files.  Feel free to change facial features and skin tones in your copy of the file.

If your software does not have this skin tone color enter these numbers in your custom color section:  RGB numbers are R - 224, G - 164, B - 41


Have fun.  :-)

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