Printable Paper Doll - Pink and Black Poet Blouse (SVG, MTC, WPC)

***Paperdolls no longer available.***
Over the past few days I've been thinking of so many ways to use these printables.  My most favorite idea is to use them as cake toppers.  The other idea is to cut them out and place them on greeting cards when you want dimension or in place of a stamped image. Use those pop dots for a 3D look.

A friend's daughter wants a paper doll placed on chipboard so she can glue the doll to her notebooks and inside her locker.

My dolls can and will be used as a thicker in a few projects.

I would like to print a paper doll on acetate for a report cover.  I'll try that later and post it to let you see how that looks (if it turns out bad, forget it, I won't embarrass myself :-)  ).

I'll be showing you more popup card projects with the paper dolls included too.

If you're good at working with SVG, MTC, and WPC files, you can change all the colors in these files.  You can also use the dolls as a paper piecing (good idea when you want to make some parts 3 dimensional.

Have fun.


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