Photo to Vinyl Decal - The Obamas 2011

I went looking for family portraits so I could practice converting group photos to portrait vinyl wall decals.  I found a nice Obama family portrait.  This is the outcome of the one I just finished.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Update 6/30/14:  Here's a room showing a sample of how this decal could look on a wall.  In this room I also added the Josephine Baker Decal.

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Converting your photos to vinyl decals

I'm sure that many of you know that I convert photos to vinyl decals.  Did you also know that I can cut, weed, and mail them out to those who live in the USA?  I can also convert your photo for you and you can cut it on your own die-cutter if you use svg, mtc, and/or wpc files.

I've been running across some posts on Facebook (FB) where people are saying they are afraid to work with vinyl.  Trust me, vinyl is easy to work with.  I find that my Pazzles loves vinyl.  Vinyl is so easy to cut.

The one good thing about vinyl is the fact that if you use non-permanent vinyl, you won't have issues when you take it off the wall.  The non-permanent vinyl I use is Oracal 631.  Oracal 631 comes in matte only....no shine so you don't get glare from lights in your room.  I use Oracal 651 for other surfaces such as car doors, windows, and other surfaces.

The transfer tape is important too.  I use contact paper to transfer my designs from the paper to the surface.  I have to use two different kinds because I use two different kinds of vinyl.  I need a heavier adhesive for the Oracal 631 than I do with the Oracal 651.  I didn't know that at first. I also found out that a cold area makes it difficult to adhere the vinyl to surfaces.  I just learned that this year.  I now know why I had a difficult time putting on one of my window decals last winter.

Vinyl really is easy to work with.  No holes in the walls is always good.

Here's a few portrait vinyl wall decals I've converted from photos.

Etsy Listing - MTC 4.6.1

Etsy Listing - Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010

Etsy Listing - Sure-Cuts-A-Lot 3


Josephine Baker Vinyl Wall Decal

I found an old black white photo of Josephine Baker online and converted it to a vinyl wall decal.  I'll be using this one and the one I did of Dorothy Dandridge.


Cheetah In the Room - Vinyl Wall Decal

I'm getting a lot better converting animal photos to vinyl wall decals.  I really like the fact I don't know what I'll get upon making the conversion.  I can tell you that this one required a lot of cleanup. Since it is a photo and we all know about pixelated stuff, the cuts will be jagged looking, but that's the beauty of it this process.


Photo to Vinyl Decal - Mary

I get so excited when I see someone use files that I create.  Mary sends me photos to convert to portrait vinyl wall decals.  She then enlarges them and add them to her wall...and she adds them to t-shirts.  Super cool!  I'll add more here as she cuts.  Mary is such a wonderful lady to work with.  :-)


Orange Background Photo to Vinyl Decal

Wow, I was browsing around to see if I could find some photos to convert for a challenge and to broaden my skills. I found this image with an orange background. I couldn't wait to see what happened during conversion.

 This is what I ended up with after I cleaned off the background.

I just knew I would get the entire scarf, but nooooooo...  :-)

I like it, but I really wanted the entire thing.  While I was trying to convert, one part of the face got too dark where I couldn't see any eye details.  So, I had to decide if I wanted the eyes or the rest of the scarf. I will always choose the eyes.  :-)

Update 6/30/2014:  Here's a better version of this photo (I got the whole scarf).  I added it to a room to show a sample of how it could look on a wall.


Music Man Vinyl Decal

I've had this photo for a while.  I found it in the Public Domain.  When I first starting with vinyl, this photo was one of the first I tried to convert to a vinyl decal.  This came out a lot better than the first few times I tried the conversion, but I would like it to be even better.  I am thinking that black and white photos are not the best to convert because there's not much detail to work with.  I would have love to have had more face details.  There was a ton of cleaning to do too.

Tiger Vinyl Wall Decals

Here are a couple of tiger vinyl wall decals I created in my Pazzles software.  I converted photos I found online to make the vinyl decals.  I can't sell these because the photos are not mine, but this should give you an idea for vinyl wall decals you can create at home.

Normally I mail vinyl decals to people so they can add them to the walls themselves, but lately I've been getting requests for digital files so that people with die-cutters can cut and weed the decals themselves.  The digital files can also be used multiple times.  One of my customers like to add her vinyl wall designs to t-shirts.


Vinyl Wall Decal - Graduation Photo

Here's my latest portrait vinyl wall decal. I chose this photo because of my aunt's shirt.  I wanted to see how it would convert to a silhouette.  It wasn't bad.


Convert Photo to Silhouette for Vinyl Wall Decal

Samples of larger vinyl wall decals I've created.

Wall Vinyl Decal meets a T-Shirt

One of my commissioned wall vinyl decals made it onto a t-shirt.

Mary put this image on a t-shirt too. She used heat transfer vinyl.  Great job Mary!

I love this because she is definitely showing different ways to use these decals.


Vinyl Wall Projects - June 2014

Here are some vinyl wall projects I've done by converting photos to partial silhouettes.  Not all, but some.  You can see more in my facebook vinyl photo albums.


Vinyl Wall Art Decal From Photo

If you've been following me, you know that I've been creating vinyl wall art from every day photos.  I don't post them all though.

Today, for the first time, I shared a digital file with a facebook buddy.  I don't usually do that.  I either mail the vinyl out, weeded already, or place the image on the wall myself.

She sent me an instagram photo.  I cleaned it up and converted it my usual way.  She asked if I could make an SVG for her.  I did.  She cut it on her die-cut machine and look at it on her wall!

I have the other images on my facebook page in my Vinyl Photo Album.