Converting your photos to vinyl decals

I'm sure that many of you know that I convert photos to vinyl decals.  Did you also know that I can cut, weed, and mail them out to those who live in the USA?  I can also convert your photo for you and you can cut it on your own die-cutter if you use svg, mtc, and/or wpc files.

I've been running across some posts on Facebook (FB) where people are saying they are afraid to work with vinyl.  Trust me, vinyl is easy to work with.  I find that my Pazzles loves vinyl.  Vinyl is so easy to cut.

The one good thing about vinyl is the fact that if you use non-permanent vinyl, you won't have issues when you take it off the wall.  The non-permanent vinyl I use is Oracal 631.  Oracal 631 comes in matte only....no shine so you don't get glare from lights in your room.  I use Oracal 651 for other surfaces such as car doors, windows, and other surfaces.

The transfer tape is important too.  I use contact paper to transfer my designs from the paper to the surface.  I have to use two different kinds because I use two different kinds of vinyl.  I need a heavier adhesive for the Oracal 631 than I do with the Oracal 651.  I didn't know that at first. I also found out that a cold area makes it difficult to adhere the vinyl to surfaces.  I just learned that this year.  I now know why I had a difficult time putting on one of my window decals last winter.

Vinyl really is easy to work with.  No holes in the walls is always good.

Here's a few portrait vinyl wall decals I've converted from photos.

Etsy Listing - MTC 4.6.1

Etsy Listing - Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010

Etsy Listing - Sure-Cuts-A-Lot 3

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