Orange Background Photo to Vinyl Decal

Wow, I was browsing around to see if I could find some photos to convert for a challenge and to broaden my skills. I found this image with an orange background. I couldn't wait to see what happened during conversion.

 This is what I ended up with after I cleaned off the background.

I just knew I would get the entire scarf, but nooooooo...  :-)

I like it, but I really wanted the entire thing.  While I was trying to convert, one part of the face got too dark where I couldn't see any eye details.  So, I had to decide if I wanted the eyes or the rest of the scarf. I will always choose the eyes.  :-)

Update 6/30/2014:  Here's a better version of this photo (I got the whole scarf).  I added it to a room to show a sample of how it could look on a wall.

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