Custom Vinyl Decals

For those of you that are new to my blog, I'm taking custom orders for portrait vinyl decals.  If you want a portrait vinyl decal of yourself or someone else for your wall, window, laptop, etc, contact me.  I can also make vinyl decals for your doors and mailboxes.

If you don't want the vinyl decals mailed to you and you have a die-cutter and software that can cut mtc, wpc, and/or svg files, let me know that too.  Digital downloads are cheaper than the mailed version due to no shipping cost.

Send me your photos and let's get started!  :-)

Etsy Listing - MTC 4.6.1

Etsy Listing - Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010

Etsy Listing - Sure-Cuts-A-Lot 3


Giraffes Crossing Street Vinyl Decal

I've seen this photo on so many websites.  I don't know who the original poster is, but I like this photo and thought it would be a challenge to convert to a vinyl wall decal....it was a challenge, but it was fun.  :-)

I can see this on a wall with brown or beige vinyl.


Mailing Portrait Vinyl Decals Globally

I want to go global with my vinyl decals! People from other countries purchase my files digitally, but I want to actually be able to mail items like t-shirts and other tangible items, but at a good cost.  I guess my big problem is that my items are not high-priced...and may not be worth what it costs to ship.

I did a test on USPS.com.  I put in the calculator that the item would be 1 lb in a box to Brazil.  The lowest price was $17.  The item to be mailed would be $25.  Would someone in Brazil pay $42 for a vinyl decal on a t-shirt?

I tested a vinyl decal in a large envelope with a piece of chipboard so the decal won't bend.....the lowest shipping price was a little under $13.

Well, I tell ya what...if anyone who lives in another country would like a portrait vinyl decal shipped to them, let's see how much it cost because I really want to go global.  :-)

Also, if you live an another country, let me know if you would pay this much for a vinyl portrait decal to be shipped to you.  I would really appreciate the comments.


Animal Vinyl Decals

I just realized I had not added these animal vinyl decals to the blog.

When I was creating these I was thinking of them being window vinyl decals - in white - to see if I could get some interesting reaction from "visitors".  :-)  I used to have a dinosaur in a flower pot on my interior window sill and this one bird used to stop by every morning to "chat".  I thought that was the cutest thing.  He/she would sit on my sill for at least an hour and would not move when I walked up near the window. :-)

My thought right now is to have a row of these vinyl decals at the bottom of the window or even a column on the right or left on the window.  I won't make them too small because I want them to be recognizable from the outside.  If I do the woodpecker, I will add color because the top of his head is partially red.


What is best?

Why do people go directly to a source and ask what is the best product to buy (when they are comparing other products by other vendors)?

If I want to know which die-cutter is the best for me, I surely won't go to a vendor who sells ONE die-cutter and ask them because they will undoubtedly say their machine is the best.  Why wouldn't they?

There is much to consider when buying die-cut machines and the main one for me is what kind of materials can it cut (even then you won't get the total truth from the vendor).  The second concern is the price.

Software:  I would never go to, say, Adobe, and ask which is better Photoshop CS4 or PS CS6 because I already know what their answer will be, even if the older version is better.  Ask a neutral party!

Go to a neutral place (e.g., a forum not connected to one type of machine or software) to ask about die-cut machines, software, and other products.  Keep in mind that no one can really tell you what is BEST for you.  You have to first know what you want to do and how you want to do it before you can find what you want.  You are going to set yourself up for a fall if you rely on other people to recommend what is BEST for you and your projects.

Etsy Sign-In Confusion

Some people had been contacting me about not wanting to join Facebook in order to buy my items at Etsy.  For the life of me I could not figure out why they thought they had to be on Facebook until I tried to login to Etsy and saw this screen (I have a different screen I use to login).  The first screen gives a person two ways to login - through Facebook OR using their Etsy login info.  This screen is for people who already have Etsy accounts.

It's not confusing to me, but I can see how it can be to some people.  Users don't have to sign into a Facebook account in order to buy on Etsy, but they do have to have an Etsy account, which means they would have to click on the Etsy Register tab:

I hope this clears up the confusion.


Die Cutter Cutting Strip

Does anyone know if I can use the US Cutters cutting strip on my Pazzles Inspiration machine?  If not, do you know what I can use for a cutting strip on my Pazzles Inspiration machine.  I've decided I am not ordering the strip from Pazzles while they only offer UPS.  I just can't see paying $30 for a cutting strip.

I don't recall needing a cutting strip on my CE...why do we need one anyway?

In advance, thanks for your help.


Made up room to display vinyl decals

I like to challenge myself, so I decided to make my own room to display how a portrait vinyl decal could look on a wall.  I must warn you that the rooms may not be proportionally correct all the time.  :-)

All I did was find some furniture to add and created lines for a floor and some walls.  Easy peasy.  :-)

First Review of H & H Sign Supply - Fast Delivery

I ordered 5 yds of Oracal vinyl and a felt tip squeegee from H & H Sign Supply on July 3.  I made a change to the order and still, I received my order on July 5!  That is the fastest delivery I believe I've ever gotten and keep in mind the holiday was July 4th.  I hope this is always the speed of their delivery because if it is, I'll be their vinyl customer for a long time.

Their location is 355 miles from me, but I've ordered items from within Georgia that did not get delivered this fast. I think I've found my main vinyl supplier folks.


Custom VInyl Decals for Various Surfaces

I have a lot of ideas for vinyl decals.  I like vinyl decals mainly because they are so easy to add and remove without damaging the surface.

I've added vinyl decals to books, laptops, CPUs, boxes, greeting cards, boots, walls, mirrors, windows, etc.

I was on Facebook and one of my Pazzles group buddies was looking for ideas to decorate her mailbox.  You know I had to add that idea to my list of things to add vinyl to.  Unfortunately, our mailbox is inside of a brick structure.  Darn.

Here are some other ideas for custom vinyl decals:

Exterior Doors
Just Married Car Decals
Baby Car Window Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals can go on just about anything. The only difficult thing I think would be to try to adhere them to textured surfaces.

If you want any custom decals - black or white, exterior or interior, let me know.

Here's some mail boxes I added a vinyl decal on (it's a sample mailbox).


Photo to Vinyl - Dime Vinyl Wall Decal

Found this dime photo on the Internet and decided to test it for conversion to a vinyl decal.  I think this would be a good vinyl wall decal for a restaurant or even a pawn shop.  I also think it'll be a challenge to weed because most of it will be removed, leaving only the black parts. Click on the image to download a zip file that includes a svg, mtc, and wpc file included.


Photo to Vinyl - Learning new software

Even though my time is limited these days, I am still making time to try to learn Photoshop (PS) a bit better to accomplish my same techniques to convert photos to vinyl decals.  I don't have to learn PS like an expert would, but I do need to learn it because Adobe, as I expected, is basically getting rid of an awesome product - Fireworks (FW).

I've been using FW for years.  I started using FW back in the late 90s when it was owned by an awesome company.....Macromedia (I miss Macromedia!).  Back then I used it mainly for manipulating and creating web graphics when I was a web developer/software developer, now I use it as one of my steps to converting photos to vinyl decals.  As a techie who hears the news of the demise of software, I know I must get started in learning something new, no matter how hesitant I am.  Always having to learn something new, but it's cool.  Nothing last forever even if it is a good thing.

Anyway, this technique with PS is not something I really want to get used to because it's not as clean and will require more cleaning on my part when I have to completely transition over to using PS.  Gotta keep practicing and looking for other software to use.  I just don't think PS is going to be it.

I found a pic of Mrs. Smith to practice on. For this one I didn't bother taking out the background, before converting, which is probably why I don't have as much detail in the final result.