Animal Vinyl Decals

I just realized I had not added these animal vinyl decals to the blog.

When I was creating these I was thinking of them being window vinyl decals - in white - to see if I could get some interesting reaction from "visitors".  :-)  I used to have a dinosaur in a flower pot on my interior window sill and this one bird used to stop by every morning to "chat".  I thought that was the cutest thing.  He/she would sit on my sill for at least an hour and would not move when I walked up near the window. :-)

My thought right now is to have a row of these vinyl decals at the bottom of the window or even a column on the right or left on the window.  I won't make them too small because I want them to be recognizable from the outside.  If I do the woodpecker, I will add color because the top of his head is partially red.

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