Mailing Portrait Vinyl Decals Globally

I want to go global with my vinyl decals! People from other countries purchase my files digitally, but I want to actually be able to mail items like t-shirts and other tangible items, but at a good cost.  I guess my big problem is that my items are not high-priced...and may not be worth what it costs to ship.

I did a test on USPS.com.  I put in the calculator that the item would be 1 lb in a box to Brazil.  The lowest price was $17.  The item to be mailed would be $25.  Would someone in Brazil pay $42 for a vinyl decal on a t-shirt?

I tested a vinyl decal in a large envelope with a piece of chipboard so the decal won't bend.....the lowest shipping price was a little under $13.

Well, I tell ya what...if anyone who lives in another country would like a portrait vinyl decal shipped to them, let's see how much it cost because I really want to go global.  :-)

Also, if you live an another country, let me know if you would pay this much for a vinyl portrait decal to be shipped to you.  I would really appreciate the comments.

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