Photo to Vinyl - Learning new software

Even though my time is limited these days, I am still making time to try to learn Photoshop (PS) a bit better to accomplish my same techniques to convert photos to vinyl decals.  I don't have to learn PS like an expert would, but I do need to learn it because Adobe, as I expected, is basically getting rid of an awesome product - Fireworks (FW).

I've been using FW for years.  I started using FW back in the late 90s when it was owned by an awesome company.....Macromedia (I miss Macromedia!).  Back then I used it mainly for manipulating and creating web graphics when I was a web developer/software developer, now I use it as one of my steps to converting photos to vinyl decals.  As a techie who hears the news of the demise of software, I know I must get started in learning something new, no matter how hesitant I am.  Always having to learn something new, but it's cool.  Nothing last forever even if it is a good thing.

Anyway, this technique with PS is not something I really want to get used to because it's not as clean and will require more cleaning on my part when I have to completely transition over to using PS.  Gotta keep practicing and looking for other software to use.  I just don't think PS is going to be it.

I found a pic of Mrs. Smith to practice on. For this one I didn't bother taking out the background, before converting, which is probably why I don't have as much detail in the final result.

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