What is best?

Why do people go directly to a source and ask what is the best product to buy (when they are comparing other products by other vendors)?

If I want to know which die-cutter is the best for me, I surely won't go to a vendor who sells ONE die-cutter and ask them because they will undoubtedly say their machine is the best.  Why wouldn't they?

There is much to consider when buying die-cut machines and the main one for me is what kind of materials can it cut (even then you won't get the total truth from the vendor).  The second concern is the price.

Software:  I would never go to, say, Adobe, and ask which is better Photoshop CS4 or PS CS6 because I already know what their answer will be, even if the older version is better.  Ask a neutral party!

Go to a neutral place (e.g., a forum not connected to one type of machine or software) to ask about die-cut machines, software, and other products.  Keep in mind that no one can really tell you what is BEST for you.  You have to first know what you want to do and how you want to do it before you can find what you want.  You are going to set yourself up for a fall if you rely on other people to recommend what is BEST for you and your projects.

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