Old Drawings

Back in the day I used to draw from looking at other drawings and photos (before I started using the Internet and drawing on the PC).

Drawing by hand is really therapeutic; so relaxing.  I have not done any drawings by hand in a while, maybe 4 years, but I've been thinking about it.  The look is so different than drawing on a computer.

Here are some drawings I drew 20+ years ago.  I was able to vectorize some of these using Make-The-Cut.  The drawings don't have deep lines so some of these don't show up well. If I get ambitious enough I may use a sharpie to go over them and rescan so I can do a pixel trace in MTC.

I scanned these, so some of them may show some light from the lid not being totally closed on my scanner.

I don't know where I got the original images from. I'm pretty sure they were from a book though since I was not on the Internet back then.


Make Your Own Font (Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010)

I admit that I don't download a lot of fonts.  There are some really nice fonts to download, but I like to be different sometimes.  If you like to be different sometimes too, make your own font.  It's really easy to do in the Pazzles software and you don't have to be real creative to do it.

Here's what I did with a C (Helvetica Medium).

--I typed in the C
--Converted the C to text to path so I can manipulate the letter
--Enlarged the C and curved the ends with the move point tool
--Opened the Paz gallery to find some decorative swirls (you can also make your own swirls using the segment from path and arc to path tools)
--I placed the swirl on the right in different positions being sure to overlap onto the C (find some free flourishes online too.  There are tons of really nice ones out there)
--I placed the swirl on the left in the middle of the C being sure to overlap
--You can either click on Weld, WYSIWYG, or Subtract/Weld (based on the look you want...test them all to see what you get).

If you think you may want to reuse your font, save it into the Paz gallery.  Create a font category to save them into.

Here's a split letter monogram I made:

Here's some letters:

Have fun!  :-)


Kitchen Vinyl Decals (SVG, MTC, WPC)

You can cut these vinyl kitchen decals out on paper, but I created them with vinyl in mind.  They are resizable.


Capricorn Vinyl Decals (SVG, MTC, WPC)

I created these decals in my Pazzles Inspiration Studio software today.  I'll be adding these to t-shirts for the first project.  I'll post the finished project later.

The first one you can get customized to add the birth date.

There's no customization on this one.  Etsy link.

5 Girls Silhouettes (WPC, MTC, SVG)

More silhouette girls have shown up in my Etsy shop!  :-)

Updated Used Copic Info

I tried to break down the used Copic marker list to make it easier to purchase.  If you want to purchase, but don't have Etsy, let me know and I can set up a Paypal transaction for you.



Vectorized Coloring Pages (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Click on the image to get a vectorized cuttable file.  Unlock to colors as you wish.  The cat and bird vectorized coloring page have only a svg and mtc file in the zip file.  All the rest have svg, mtc, and wpc files.

Split Image Vinyl Decals - Silhouette Girls (MTC, SVG, WPC)

Check out the new vinyl decals - Silhouette Girls!

This file includes split and non-split images of silhouette girls.  You can cut these out on paper and vinyl (I recommend vinyl for the split girls).

Add your own text or images with the split silhouettes (weld, join, union based on your software).  If you are going to use vinyl, don't forget to mirror the image before cutting.

I cut the non-split images out on paper.
Resize to fit your needs!  :-)

NOTE:  These images were converted from photos, so the edges are jagged due to pixels.


Convert Sports Photo to Vinyl Decal - Customized (WPC, SVG, MTC, JPG)

Do you have a good action shot photo of family or friend who play sports?  I can convert the photo to a silhouette and add their name or number for a vinyl wall decal (or for use on a t-shirt) for you to download and cut on your die-cutter.

If you can use MTC, SVG, or WPC file formats, you can cut this file.

If you want to vectorize it yourself for your own file format, I can send you a .jpg after I customize the photo for you.

The name will fit in different ways.  I'll let you see the results first.

The cost will vary based on the photo and it's cleanup (clear, close-up photos without blurriness are much better for conversion).  Dont' worry, the cost won't be terribly expensive.  :-)  Contact me for a quote.  I'm on Facebook as Gina Stevens.

Here's a dancer I have in my Etsy shop.  It can be purchased as-is or you can send me a good action photo of someone you know so I can add a name in for you. You can also use the photo below and just have me add a name in for you.


Make your own silhouettes!


No Bulky Layered Vinyl - Pazzles Studio Pro 2010, SCAL 3.067, Make-The-Cut 4.6.1

I finally found a way to layer vinyl designs without the bulk.  I avoided layering because I didn't want the bulk, but now I understand how to get this done the way I want.

I knew about the subtract/weld feature in the Pazzles software, but I never really used it except for when I was learning how to use the features back in 2011.  After watching Youtube videos of people doing what I wanted to do in other software, the light bulb in my head went on!

Below are instructions for Pazzles, SCAL 3, and MTC.

Note the different names on the videos:  Subtract/Weld in Pazzles, Path>Union in SCAL 3, and Boolean Join in Make-The-Cut.  They serve the same purpose.

Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010 (with updates)

SCAL 3.067

Make-The-Cut Version 4.6.1

Make your own silhouettes - Video Instructions


Boo Halloween Vinyl Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

I don't normally make Halloween projects, but I figured I'd make a Halloween vinyl decal for those who like to celebrate Halloween.

This decal can be used as a window decal design, t-shirt design, on wood, ironed on a flag to hang outside your door, etc.

Find it at Etsy.


Old Sewing Patterns

These are the used sewing patterns (31 in total). Some patterns I have used, some patterns were given to me after I made a garment for someone, and some patterns were given to me from a store closing where I used to live.  If you are interested in any of them, just let me know.  I know for a fact that the patterns I used I cut the pattern down to that size.  If you want a pattern, ask me what size it is first.  I am selling each pattern for $6 (this includes shipping and handling).

I use PayPal and will set up a payment for you.  USA only at this time.



New Look and Easy Stitch

 See and Sew




I have no idea what size I cut these patterns down to, but if you want one or more of them, just ask me what size I cut them down to.