Convert Photo to a Silhouette - Video Instructions

Finally here!

It took me a while to figure out how to present this technique to you because I use Adobe Fireworks to clean my photos, but I wanted you to be able to have a cheaper way to clean your photos before converting to a silhouette.  Meet Gimp.

In the video, I provide a link to Gimp 2.8.14, which is open source (free).  I don't show you how to use Gimp because they have a user manual and youtube has tons of videos on how to remove a background from an image using Gimp.  The instructional video shows you which link to click on to download Gimp.

If you don't want to download from Etsy and you have a PayPal account, send me an email and I will set up a payment for you through Paypal.

These video instructions are only $15, which is really good if you plan on using this technique to make and sell vinyl wall decals.

Etsy Downloads

SCAL 3.0

Have Fun.

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