Convert Sports Photo to Vinyl Decal - Customized (WPC, SVG, MTC, JPG)

Do you have a good action shot photo of family or friend who play sports?  I can convert the photo to a silhouette and add their name or number for a vinyl wall decal (or for use on a t-shirt) for you to download and cut on your die-cutter.

If you can use MTC, SVG, or WPC file formats, you can cut this file.

If you want to vectorize it yourself for your own file format, I can send you a .jpg after I customize the photo for you.

The name will fit in different ways.  I'll let you see the results first.

The cost will vary based on the photo and it's cleanup (clear, close-up photos without blurriness are much better for conversion).  Dont' worry, the cost won't be terribly expensive.  :-)  Contact me for a quote.  I'm on Facebook as Gina Stevens.

Here's a dancer I have in my Etsy shop.  It can be purchased as-is or you can send me a good action photo of someone you know so I can add a name in for you. You can also use the photo below and just have me add a name in for you.


Make your own silhouettes!

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