Horse Head on an Orange T-Shirt (DecoSparkle Hologram HTV)

I've had my first experience again today.  For the first time I used some DecoSparkle Hologram heat transfer vinyl (HTV).  I love the look of this stuff.  I like the way it picks up other colors around it too.

Difficult to take a picture of it.

One thing I know for sure, I need a heat press with this HTV and not my home iron.  I can use my home iron with ThermoFlex Plus.  I can use my home iron with the DecoSparkle Hologram too, but it takes longer to adhere and I think I would feel a lot better with more heat.  I haven't washed the t-shirt yet. I'll let you know how it holds up.

Here's a couple of views.  I used the horse head from the Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2010 software.  Added a R in the middle of it because I wanted the shirt color to show through.  The gina part of my name is black ThermoFlex Plus HTV.

The black rhinestones are hotfix, so is the silver rhinestud.

Thanks for stopping by.  :-)

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