No Bulky Layered Vinyl - Pazzles Studio Pro 2010, SCAL 3.067, Make-The-Cut 4.6.1

I finally found a way to layer vinyl designs without the bulk.  I avoided layering because I didn't want the bulk, but now I understand how to get this done the way I want.

I knew about the subtract/weld feature in the Pazzles software, but I never really used it except for when I was learning how to use the features back in 2011.  After watching Youtube videos of people doing what I wanted to do in other software, the light bulb in my head went on!

Below are instructions for Pazzles, SCAL 3, and MTC.

Note the different names on the videos:  Subtract/Weld in Pazzles, Path>Union in SCAL 3, and Boolean Join in Make-The-Cut.  They serve the same purpose.

Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010 (with updates)

SCAL 3.067

Make-The-Cut Version 4.6.1

Make your own silhouettes - Video Instructions

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