Old Drawings

Back in the day I used to draw from looking at other drawings and photos (before I started using the Internet and drawing on the PC).

Drawing by hand is really therapeutic; so relaxing.  I have not done any drawings by hand in a while, maybe 4 years, but I've been thinking about it.  The look is so different than drawing on a computer.

Here are some drawings I drew 20+ years ago.  I was able to vectorize some of these using Make-The-Cut.  The drawings don't have deep lines so some of these don't show up well. If I get ambitious enough I may use a sharpie to go over them and rescan so I can do a pixel trace in MTC.

I scanned these, so some of them may show some light from the lid not being totally closed on my scanner.

I don't know where I got the original images from. I'm pretty sure they were from a book though since I was not on the Internet back then.


  1. I'm impressed!! You're really talented girl.