Photo Conversion in SCAL 3

Helping other people really does increase my skills and IQ. Love the challenges.

One of my new facebook vinyl cutting friends wants to convert portraits to silhouettes, but from SCAL. I had no idea it would work until I went on a hunt in the software and my goodness. It's not friendly, but it's doable (I like my existing technique better because I have more control over the results. I don't share that technique because one of the software I use will be obsolete soon), but this is something new for me.

I've had SCAL since 2011 and never even attempted to do anything like this.

Here is my first and second attempts. I like the second attempt much better, but I learned some things real quick from the first attempt. I think I may eat, drink, and ish software. I am a software hound! :-)

In SCAL 3, turn the fill off to see your outlines....how it will cut. Be sure to "break apart" so you can have layers to turn on and off. Jeez, I could go on forever with this. Oh, one more tip, make your colors black and white...2 colors only.

I think some things make more sense for me in Make-The-Cut after this experience, so that will be my next challenge.

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