Used Copic Markers and Refills

Used.  Used.

I have 66 markers (30 Sketch, 36 CIAOs) total and 21 refills.  I have used the refills as well.

Here are some photos.

I'm selling the whole group, markers and refills for $175 + $10 shipping (USA, USPS).  I will give you the bag for free if you purchase ALL.

****Not all markers have a refill available****

Etsy Shop Listing

I'm not selling as individual markers or refills. If you want to buy a color set, Sketch is $2.75 each, CIAO $1.75 each, and Refills are $2.50 each (shipping will be added).  Contact me so we can set up a price.

I tried to break these up into color groups in my Etsy shop.

This is kind of tricky to list because I only have one refill for some of the colors, but two different kinds of markers. The prices in my Etsy shop will change if someone buys the refills from either Sketch or CIAO first.

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