Scorpio Symbol Vinyl Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

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Circular Monograms

I'm trying to learn how to use the distortion tool in my pazzles software to make circular monograms.  This what I just created.  :-)


Beauty PopUp Card (SVG, PCS)

I haven't test cut this file yet, but you can test it and use it.  Just don't distribute the file, instead send people to my blog to get the file.  If you test cut before I do, let me know if you were successful.

I used PopUp Card Studio to create this popup card file using one of my vinyl wall design silhouettes.  If you don't have PCS, you can get to a download to purchase the file from my blog's home page.

Free PopUp Card in SVG and PCS file formats.

 The zip file includes the insert, envelope, and the base card.



Scorpio PopUp Card (SVG)

Here's a Scorpio popup card.  Easy to fold.

 Find this digital file at Etsy.

Steampunk Boots Vinyl Decal (SVG, WPC, MTC)

I created these steampunk boots with vinyl in mind, but you can use paper too.  I wouldn't cut these too small because of the butterfly antennae (unless your machine can cut intricate designs).

I can add whatever initial you want on the boot.  Find these decals at Etsy.


Butterfly PopUp Card (PopUp Card Studio) - SVG

I love PopUp Cards and they are so much easier to make using PopUp Card Studio (PCS)!  I used to make these cards manually and let me tell you, it would take forever.  :-)  Not now!  Click here to get the .zip file with the Butterfly PopUp card inside.  Inside this file are svgs.  Base card, insert, and envelope.

Check out my Etsy shop for other SVG files.


Random Vinyl Decals

I haven't added all the vinyl decals, just the ones at my fingertips.  :-)  Some of these are for sale and some are for personal use.

Check out my Etsy shop.


Craft Nut Vinyl Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Ok, I'm proud to be a craftin' nut.  Are you?  :-)

Here's a design I made up on a whim when I was thinking about making myself a new t-shirt.  I don't go to crops, but I think this would be a good design to show off on a t-shirt, bag, or notebook.

Let me explain this design a little.  The main cut is all one solid color.  I added letters and another heart so you can cut them out in different colors if you like.  Just remember these few things if you will be putting this on a t-shirt:

--Mirror the image and the words before cutting
--Change the letters and heart to the color you want, mirror them too.
--If you resize the main image, be sure to highlight ALL of the pieces, including the extra word and heart so you can keep it all in proportion.

Check out this file in my Etsy shop.  :-)


Front Door Vinyl Decals (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Here are some front door vinyl decals.  The WELCOME decal is not customizable, but I can customize the one with the name and the one with the address.  Find them in my Etsy shop.


Decorative Swords Vinyl Decals (SVG, WPC, MTC)

Here's some decorative swords (vinyl decals) I created in my Pazzles software.  They are resizable, but making them too small is not recommended.  Click on the titles to get to the Etsy listing.


Gemini Vinyl Decals (SVG, WPC, MTC)

This Gemini symbol is in my Etsy shop with and without a name.  Make a request at my Etsy shop.


Hockey Player Vinyl Wall Decal (WPC, SVG, MTC)

Hockey player vinyl wall decal. Request a name during checkout.  Find this vinyl wall decal at Etsy.

Football Player Vinyl Wall Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Here's a football player vinyl wall decal.  Customize by requesting a name with your purchase.  If the name is longer than 4 letters the letters will extend outside the image.  Find this vinyl wall decal on Etsy.

Here's another football vinyl decal to purchase from Etsy.  You can also request a name.


Baseball Player Vinyl Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Baseball player vinyl wall decal.  You can download the digital file as is, which has no name inside and ready for you to add your own name, or you can ask me to add the name for you.  If you download the file without the name, you can make as many cut outs as you like without having to buy the file over and over again (just don't edit the original file - make a copy first).

I don't recommend sizing this file under 8" in width because of some intricate cuts, but if you can manage it with your cutter, have fun.  :-) Etsy listing.

Check out my Etsy shop for more SVG files.


Decorative Butterfly Girls - Vinyl Decals (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Finally got around to getting these decorative girls vinyl decals on the blog.  :-)  When I get a moment, I'll be adding one of them to a t-shirt with some rhinestuds and rhinestones.  I'll add some text too.

Find them at Etsy.

 Of course you can resize them to fit on a door, wall, or some other friendly surface.

In this digital file you will get all versions of the girls, plus some butterflies to place on top of the silhouette butterflies incorporated in the design (just in case you want a little color).

ok, ttyl  :-)


Decorative Girl Vinyl Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Hey there

Here's a decorative girl vinyl decal I created.  This one was designed with a door in mind, but you can put it on any surface that likes vinyl.  I don't recommend a size of less than 4" or you may have a problem cutting the circles.

This is a made to order design. Before purchasing you would need to contact me through etsy and let me know the name you want.  I will then create a listing for you to purchase.

It's a resizable file, so if you want to scale it bigger for a wall, you can.