Craft Nut Vinyl Decal (SVG, MTC, WPC)

Ok, I'm proud to be a craftin' nut.  Are you?  :-)

Here's a design I made up on a whim when I was thinking about making myself a new t-shirt.  I don't go to crops, but I think this would be a good design to show off on a t-shirt, bag, or notebook.

Let me explain this design a little.  The main cut is all one solid color.  I added letters and another heart so you can cut them out in different colors if you like.  Just remember these few things if you will be putting this on a t-shirt:

--Mirror the image and the words before cutting
--Change the letters and heart to the color you want, mirror them too.
--If you resize the main image, be sure to highlight ALL of the pieces, including the extra word and heart so you can keep it all in proportion.

Check out this file in my Etsy shop.  :-)

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