Playing with Pazzles Pen Tool - Business Card

I like designing business cards in my Pazzles software.  My challenge is always to see just how much I can get on this tiny card and keep the clarity of the designs.

With this business card design I decided to use the Pazzles pen tool for most of the design.  I used Oracal 651 for my tinyl vinyl decals.  You'll see the girl on the right show up in other designs (it's a working file with multiple versions of her).  For now I have the business card and my new facebook cover.

The design is basic for this particular business card. I'll add more info for local use - like a phone number.  I'll also be using 110 lb white cardstock because to me, the brown is making my design look dull.

Here's my new facebook cover.  My facebook cover doesn't show the bottom text, so I had to add it across my image:

ok, next challenge....who knows  :-)

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