Black Con-Tact Shelf Lining

I have been looking for black shelf lining, locally, so I can cut out my vinyl decal designs for a while.  I finally found some at Home Depot today!  It would have been even better if it was smooth, but it has what looks like a cheetah print or something on it.  Not bad though because the other shelf liner I have is way too busy to show anyone the test cuts.

With this product, I had to increase the blade depth to 1.5 instead of the 1 I was using with the Duck Brand shelf liner (I have a Pazzles Inspiration).  This product is 18" x 15ft.

It was a little less than $8.  This is good for me because buying vinyl online would have cost me much more with the shipping included.

I had never put contact paper on a wall before.  We'll see how it holds up with the varying temperatures in the room.

Here's the design.  If you saw this before, I had way more details in the decal, but my daughter likes things plain...not like her blingy mom.  :-)


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