Fleece Ear Warmers

I'm making my first set of fleece ear warmers today!  My daughter's ear warmer will be easy because she wants no decorations.  For me, I've got to add something.

I have to decide which color heat transfer vinyl I want to use.  I'm really leaning towards the silver and black style, but the orange and black is a part of Mercer University's colors.  I'll be adding either rhinestuds or rhinestones.  Not sure yet.  I'll show the finished product later today.

This is going to be a test.  I've never put heat transfer vinyl on fleece before.  :-)

UPDATE:  I decided to go with the silver with the silver rhinestuds, but, I'm going to make another one.

Thank you Crafty Gemini for giving me the idea to make these.  :-) 

We had been going around looking for ear warmers (all were just plain ugly and only pullovers) until I remembered her video.  I paid less than $2 for about 7/8th of a yard of fleece.  So far I've made 3 of these and still have plenty of fabric left to make more.  I must admit mine are not perfect, but my picky daughter likes hers.  :-)

The one thing I messed up on with the first one is that I only cut the circumference of my daughter's friend's head and it was not long enough for the button and buttonhole to meet.  I ended up adding another 3 1/4" inches and it fit perfectly. I also doubled the fabric, sewed a 5/8" seam, left an opening, turned outside, then sewed a top stitch to keep it from losing it's form after washing or just plain handling.


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