Gift Box Double Decker Bus

Here's my prototype double decker bus and all it's dirty.  :-)

I have assembled this bus twice and for some reason the measurements are off again.  What makes this weird is that I designed this in my Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2010 software and the measurements are the same front and back and side to side because I cut and pasted them, but this is not working out for some reason.  Uggghhh!  I don't like scissor trimming. I'll dump the whole project if this does not line up like I want it to.

Anyway, here's the dirty:  :-)

Since I want it to be a gift box I wasn't sure if it would be better to have the top of the bus lift up or have the side doors as the opening to add things inside.

I've decided that I'm going to paint instead of covering with paper like I did on the prototype.

Finished Project

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