Silhouette Popup Card (SVG, MTC, WPC)

I've been thinking of a way to combine converted portrait silhouettes and greeting cards for a while but I didn't want to do the type of silhouettes with no facial features (but I will be doing those too).  So, I decided to combine a converted photo, popup card, and vinyl (Oracal 631).  This is the result.

I didn't realize until after I opened the photos up on my PC that yellow is not the best choice to show this in detail.  :-)

With this process I converted the image in my Pazzles Pro 2010 software.  I opened the image in Make-The-Cut so that I could add a line at the bottom of the image and be able to work with Popup Card Studio (copying and pasting between these two software is really easy).  I know that I can trace an image in MTC, but with this particular photo, Pazzles was better for me.

I took out as many pieces as I could so that this popup card would be easy to fold.  I had to make connections that I wouldn't have had to make if this was strictly for a vinyl wall decal.  There are some thin pieces in here.  Adding the vinyl on top was a challenge.  For the most part I got it on top pretty good, but lining up the thinner pieces were a big challenge.

This is my first time doing this, so there are some lessons learned.  I know I can make these in small quantities, but if I had to make a lot of these, I would skip the vinyl. Also, the big challenge here is that the card is small.  Folded, it's 5" x 4".  If I was making this to give to someone I would make it much bigger because I could make a customized envelope outside of my Pazzles software (only have 12"x12" mat to work with right now.

After I did this I went looking to see if anyone else had done such a thing.  I found some popup cards with silhouettes, but not front faces with details.  Have you ever seen a card like this before?  Let me know because right now I'm thinking I'm original.  :-)  If you show me one dated before this post, I'll be sure to take out my "original" statement.  :-)

These types of cards would be great for birthdays, but I'm thinking it will only work for one person designs because more than one person would mean smaller to accommodate the second object.  I think with multiple people the total blackout silhouettes would be better.  Well, you know me, at some point I'm gonna try to do multiple people in this small space just to see if I can do it.  :-)


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