Photo Restoration

I've been thinking about doing some photo restoration for a long time.  I was looking up some information on Google and stumbled across a website of this person who does photo restoration and it was absolutely wonderful to see the transformation.

Well, since I had the time I thought I would try to restore my grandma's photo.  This is my first time trying this really.  I've tried to remove flaws on photos before, but they were not successful or as good as this attempt.

I wish I could get that white line from her face, but I could only remove some of it.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

I see much improvement ahead of me, but I like what I have so far.

Here's the second one.  I was completely afraid to alter some of this, especially around that tree.  I've got to work on that fear because these are scanned in and not originals.  You may need to click on the image to see the changes I made.  After I enlarged this, I realize you can't really see I fixed those cracks near the tree, my uncles white shirts, my aunts white dress, and the cracks that were on the bed, etc.  :-)

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