Photo Restoration - Add Color to Black and White Photo

This is a photo I practiced on to add color to a black and white photo.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Photo Restoration - Take away wrinkles

Here is my attempt at taking away wrinkles during a photo restoration.


Pazzles Updates and Manuals

I've had people ask me where to find the Pazzles updates and manuals, so I'm placing the link here.


Dust Cover Made for a Pazzles Inspiration or InVue Die-Cutter

I used my Pazzles Inspiration machine to measure and make this dust cover pattern.  Based on the information I got from the Pazzles folks, the InVue is the same size as the Pazzles Inspiration so the dust cover should fit the InVue too.

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase these dust covers.

I can only ship within the USA.

I have one without rhinestuds too.

This is a 100% cotton pink and white chevron fabric ready to be made into a dust cover. Unlined.  Not quilted.

With possible vinyl on the dust cover.

These 3 dust covers are 100% cotton canvas and not personalized.  If you want them personalized, contact me via Etsy.

These personalized dust covers are not in my Etsy shop.  I used white and black heat transfer vinyl and silver rhinestuds.

The red dust cover has a flower on each side with a rhinestud inside the hole.  The back has a black pig silhouette with rhinestuds.

Thanks for stopping by.  :-)


Pazzles Engraving Tool

I got my engraving tool yesterday!  I practiced on some picture frame glass:

Here's a mirror I engraved on (it's a challenge to take a photo of a mirror).  This is my first engraving project on my Pazzles Inspiration:

Coloring with the pen tool using the engraving feature in Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro 2010.