Africa Map Vinyl Decal (SVG)

I made a vinyl decal a little while back using one of the images in the Pazzles gallery (incorporated it into a design of my own).  The heat transfer vinyl did not hold up through all the washes (pink design), so I eventually just pulled it off.  The black, weak adhesive, rhinestones also fell off.

Well, I created another HTV design to place over what was left on the t-shirt. I hope the design holds up, but we'll see.

Old Design

Back of t-shirt (new design)  - One piece design

Front of t-shirt (new design) I cut out extra hearts to place inside the black area
and to add on top of some other flaws from the old design.

You can find this SVG downloadable file in my Etsy shop.

Talk with ya later.


Crossbody Bag/Purse

Finally, after watching many youtube videos, I finally attempted to make another crossbody bag.  I tried a long while back, but they didn't turn out so well.  This one is much better, but the next time I make a bag, I'll be sure to put in an area for cards.

Here's my second bag:



Pazzles Machine 3D Prototype

I've been thinking for a long time to make a paper 3D Pazzles Inspiration die-cut machine. I finally got the nerve to try it.  :-)

I've got a bit more work to do though, but thought I would show you my first attempt.  The most difficult part is making the blade holder.

This is my second prototype. I'm showing this one because I want you to see the colors.  The final will be made from chipboard and painted.

Talk with ya later.


Peace Sign Box (SVG)

Per a request, I created this peace sign box.

Of course your version would look a lot neater.  Mine is still showing some fresh glue.  :-)

The paper was white so I found a tie-dye design to print on the paper and then cut out the top piece.  Easy assembly.

Here's a video showing how I put it together.  Excuse my video skills.  I haven't made a video tutorial in a while. :-)

You can find this digital download SVG file in my Etsy shop.

Have a good day.  :-)



Serger Scrap Mat

I've been wanting to make a serger scrap mat for a while and finally got this far (I haven't put on the black border yet).

I tried to make a quilted sewing machine scrap mat, but it was a disaster. My quilting may not ever happen on a large scale. :-)

The second photo is to give you a small glimpse in how the serger looks while sitting on the mat.

Some lessons learned:  Add a plastic type of fabric or bag inside the scrap bag for even easier cleanup and I am just not good at quilting, so this one had no quilting.  My first attempt did have some quilting, but it was bad.