Garden Queen Vinyl Decal (SVG)

Here's a garden theme vinyl decal I just put together.  I'll be using it with heat transfer vinyl, but it can be used for a print and cut/clipart design as well.  Can you see it as a tag used for canning jars?
I've been testing colors, but not sure which one looks better.  I think I like the black letters, but not sure.

Which one do you think looks best, the green letters or the black letters?

Gina Stevens


Ironing on Heat Transfer Vinyl

I already knew that I should use a flat stable surface to iron on rhinestuds, rhinestones, and heat transfer vinyl (htv) with no steam.  Earlier in the week I was testing out the ironing on of glitter vinyl and was using the cardboard that came with the packaging underneath the test fabric.  I didn't notice what was happening until I tried this with regular HTV.....Notice the pattern in the hat.

That is because the cardboard I used to iron on was corrugated.  Not a good idea. It's not a good idea because it does not provide even pressure.  Even pressure is what you need when ironing on htv and rhinestones.  I normally use the .022 chipboard in the inset of the photo below.  You can use any hard surface that can withstand high heat...but never use anything soft or has air holes like the corrugated cardboard.

Hope that helps.

Take Care.

Gina Stevens

Multi-Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Decals

I've been playing with multi-color heat transfer vinyl decals.

I cut this letter up so I could have various colors of the HTV.

This design has rhinestuds, brown glitter vinyl, and black vinyl.

Flower Girl Knockout Vinyl Decal Design

Gina Stevens


Heat Transfer Vinyl From My Guardian Angel

Hey folks

Thought I would share a photo of a wonderful gift from my guardian angel!  This is a really, really, nice gift.  I love working with heat transfer vinyl (HTV), but most of all I love blingy things.  :-)

This glitter is easy to apply and is a warm peel. I love warm peels because after ironing I can take the carrier sheet off right away.

When I first saw this glitter vinyl I was thinking it was way too thick.  It feels thick.  Well, the carrier sheet makes the HTV seem thick.  This glitter vinyl is really easy to work with and feels great after it's ironed on to a piece of cloth. The only real test I have to do now is to run it through the wash a few times.

Thank you to my guardian angel.  You always know what I like.  :-)

This photo does not do the blue glitter justice at all.  I ironed this letter onto a piece of white fabric.

This glitter is gorgeous and very easy to iron on using the teflon sheet.

This glitter was ordered from Craft Vinyl located in Virginia.  I have no idea the brand of the glitter vinyl, but it's nice stuff.

Ok, folks

Talk with ya later.  I have some more testing to do.  :-)


Vinyl Decals - On and Play Buttons (SVG Files)

Here's a few vinyl decals I just put in my Etsy shop.  The On button digital file has multiple designs in it.

The blue symbol in the middle will be blue glitter vinyl.

Talk to ya later.  :-)


Knockout Technique Natural Girl Afro Vinyl Decal

I was in the Pazzles group on Facebook and someone mentioned a technique called knockout.  When I saw the photos I thought it was simply a subtract/weld.  After trying to make it happen on my own I realized there was more to it because the letters still showed through the object.

After a few tries I left it alone and headed on over to Youtube.  That is where I found a video by Scrappy Diva. She showed how to do this in SCAL.  I'm familiar with SCAL so I was able to mimic the steps in the new Pazzles InVue software.

I found that I had this half way right, but there was another step....to intersect the text and the graphic.

If you're familiar with heat transfer applications, this vinyl decal would be fairly easy for you to apply to a shirt or something.  I used to be afraid of 2-color designs, but after doing them a couple of times, it's now pretty easy. I don't even need guides to get it all lined up anymore.  :-)

When I make a personal t-shirt with this design, I'll add bling!  :-)

Find this digital download in my Etsy shop.

Here's another 2-color vinyl decal design.

Gina Stevens


How to buy a Computer - Consultant

Do you want to buy a computer, but have no idea how to search for one?

For *$20 I can interview you to find out your computing needs and then recommend a PC setup for you after I've completed the search. I will provide a copy of this information to you, using your provided email address, so that if you want to compare vendors, you can make a comparison sheet.

Send me an email at tellabling[@]gmail.com for more information. Don’t use the brackets around the @ symbol. Take them out and leave no spaces before trying to send me an email. Please don’t leave your email address in the comments section.

*Payment required prior to interview (interviews last anywhere from 10-30 minutes). Payments accepted through PayPal only.

Gina Stevens