Heat Transfer Vinyl From My Guardian Angel

Hey folks

Thought I would share a photo of a wonderful gift from my guardian angel!  This is a really, really, nice gift.  I love working with heat transfer vinyl (HTV), but most of all I love blingy things.  :-)

This glitter is easy to apply and is a warm peel. I love warm peels because after ironing I can take the carrier sheet off right away.

When I first saw this glitter vinyl I was thinking it was way too thick.  It feels thick.  Well, the carrier sheet makes the HTV seem thick.  This glitter vinyl is really easy to work with and feels great after it's ironed on to a piece of cloth. The only real test I have to do now is to run it through the wash a few times.

Thank you to my guardian angel.  You always know what I like.  :-)

This photo does not do the blue glitter justice at all.  I ironed this letter onto a piece of white fabric.

This glitter is gorgeous and very easy to iron on using the teflon sheet.

This glitter was ordered from Craft Vinyl located in Virginia.  I have no idea the brand of the glitter vinyl, but it's nice stuff.

Ok, folks

Talk with ya later.  I have some more testing to do.  :-)

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