Knockout Technique Natural Girl Afro Vinyl Decal

I was in the Pazzles group on Facebook and someone mentioned a technique called knockout.  When I saw the photos I thought it was simply a subtract/weld.  After trying to make it happen on my own I realized there was more to it because the letters still showed through the object.

After a few tries I left it alone and headed on over to Youtube.  That is where I found a video by Scrappy Diva. She showed how to do this in SCAL.  I'm familiar with SCAL so I was able to mimic the steps in the new Pazzles InVue software.

I found that I had this half way right, but there was another step....to intersect the text and the graphic.

If you're familiar with heat transfer applications, this vinyl decal would be fairly easy for you to apply to a shirt or something.  I used to be afraid of 2-color designs, but after doing them a couple of times, it's now pretty easy. I don't even need guides to get it all lined up anymore.  :-)

When I make a personal t-shirt with this design, I'll add bling!  :-)

Find this digital download in my Etsy shop.

Here's another 2-color vinyl decal design.

Gina Stevens

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