Practice EasyCast Resin

Hey everybody

I'm finally at a point where I feel like I can show you the resin pieces I've been working on.  I'm new at using resin and I sure do have a lot to learn, especially about getting rid of bubbles.  I like bubbles, but not in my resin.

I watched some more videos last night to get more tips.  The one tip I really needed is how to make the resin harder.  I took out my pieces today, after letting them sit for almost 3 days, and they still feel soft.  My problem, if I understand correctly, is that I need to add more hardener when I add objects, glitter, and paint.

One of the resin pieces I put on top of a ring.

These look a lot better in person.  The black dots you see in a couple of them is black glitter.  The solid piece that looks red is a Skittle (the rest didn't make it, I ate them).  :-)  I tried to get a photo with no glare, but it didn't work out so well.

I had the most difficult time getting these out of the molds.  I coated the holes before I added the resin with clear Versamark, but I guess that wasn't the right stuff.

I'll post more of my practice pieces later.  I made two molds from the Amazing Putty, so I'm all excited to try those out.


My first rubber stamp

I've had rubber stamps made for me before, but it was with my name and address on them.  Thanks to my guardian angel she had my steampunk owl put on a rubber stamp for me!  I so appreciate this!  I will be stamping this on all products I mail out!


Michaels Arts and Crafts

It appears that $6.95 is the shipping cost for small items at Michael's. I wanted to order some jewelry bails, but guess what?  The website won't allow me to buy one pack.  I wanted to try a pack before buying 3 packs just in case they are cheaply made.  I tried to order a pigment ink pad that was $4.99, but when the $6.95 was added and with a 40% coupon I could not allow myself to pay almost $12 for this one ink pad.  It does not cost $6.95 to ship an ink pad. That is extortion in my book.

I was trying to boycott Hobby Lobby, but the more I try to deal with Michael's the more I want to go back to Hobby Lobby (mainly because they are closer to where I live).  Joann's is closer to me too, but their prices are outrageous.

Is it just me or is it getting more expensive to even craft these days?


Glue Sticks To Replace UTEE FLEX

I am a bit disappointed that Ranger has discontinued so much of their Melt Art.  It took forever to find a melting pot.  I wanted more FLEX and that's not to be found at a decent price.  Oh well.

Anyway, I did some research and found that glue sticks can be used in the UTEE in place of the FLEX! I hope it works for me because I'm going to try it soon.  I'll let you know the results!