Michaels Arts and Crafts

It appears that $6.95 is the shipping cost for small items at Michael's. I wanted to order some jewelry bails, but guess what?  The website won't allow me to buy one pack.  I wanted to try a pack before buying 3 packs just in case they are cheaply made.  I tried to order a pigment ink pad that was $4.99, but when the $6.95 was added and with a 40% coupon I could not allow myself to pay almost $12 for this one ink pad.  It does not cost $6.95 to ship an ink pad. That is extortion in my book.

I was trying to boycott Hobby Lobby, but the more I try to deal with Michael's the more I want to go back to Hobby Lobby (mainly because they are closer to where I live).  Joann's is closer to me too, but their prices are outrageous.

Is it just me or is it getting more expensive to even craft these days?

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