Practice EasyCast Resin

Hey everybody

I'm finally at a point where I feel like I can show you the resin pieces I've been working on.  I'm new at using resin and I sure do have a lot to learn, especially about getting rid of bubbles.  I like bubbles, but not in my resin.

I watched some more videos last night to get more tips.  The one tip I really needed is how to make the resin harder.  I took out my pieces today, after letting them sit for almost 3 days, and they still feel soft.  My problem, if I understand correctly, is that I need to add more hardener when I add objects, glitter, and paint.

One of the resin pieces I put on top of a ring.

These look a lot better in person.  The black dots you see in a couple of them is black glitter.  The solid piece that looks red is a Skittle (the rest didn't make it, I ate them).  :-)  I tried to get a photo with no glare, but it didn't work out so well.

I had the most difficult time getting these out of the molds.  I coated the holes before I added the resin with clear Versamark, but I guess that wasn't the right stuff.

I'll post more of my practice pieces later.  I made two molds from the Amazing Putty, so I'm all excited to try those out.

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