African Mask Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal

Here's my attempt at making an African Mask.  I put these on pillows, but I think they would look nice on a black or gray t-shirt too.

Happy New Year!

Gina Stevens

Argyle Design (Heat Transfer Vinyl) For Pillows

I think this design would look nice on a pillow.  Below are two different design color schemes, but thank goodness I can change them to any color I like.  I think black and white would look good too.

This design was inspired by an argyle design I just ran across while looking for different patterns.

Gina Stevens

Tire Tread Letters for Vinyl Decals (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

I made some tire tread letters yesterday and finally got a chance to cut them out and place them on this fabric correctly (I heat pressed another one but made a big boo boo on it).  I used both Thermflex Plus and Siser EasyWeed on this design.

The letters look slim, but they can be adjusted like I did with the R and some of the other letters.

With this letter I cut out the silver border as one piece, the "egina" as one piece, then I cut out the red, black and green sections.

Gina Stevens


Mercer University Logo - Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal

I put this 3 layered heat transfer Mercer University logo on the bottom back of my t-shirt.



Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal - African Melanin

Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal Design - African Melanin on a white medium Gildan t-shirt.

Gina Stevens


Christmas Print and Cuts and Vinyl Decals


Merry Christmas to all!  :-)

Gina Stevens


Craft Queen with Crown Vinyl Decal (SVG)

Here's a nice little heat transfer vinyl decal for us crafty ladies.  :-)

You can change the colors to fit your garment and the size.

Find the downloadable zip file on Etsy.


Santa's Belt Vinyl Decal Design (SVG)

My latest Christmas heat transfer vinyl design.  Requires assembly and resizable so you can fit the belt around the diameter of the shirt, pillow, etc.  I recommend you cut by color.  You can also change the colors.

Find on Etsy.


Decorative Regina Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal (SVG)

Here's a decorative "Regina" heat transfer vinyl decal in SVG format.

Download it from Etsy.



Ashley Decorative Vinyl Decal (SVG)

Can be downloaded from Etsy.  You can change the colors of the name and the decorative pieces.



Be Yourself Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal

I finally cut this design out today and took a photo outside.  I have other design ideas for this one, but I figured I'd show you the basic look for now.  I put this on a cotton piece of white fabric.  I see rhinestones being added in the near future...  :-)

This particular piece of heat transfer vinyl is from Craft Vinyl.  I'm not sure what kind it is though because it does not seem like the Siser EasyWeed and Thermoflex I've been using.  This piece of vinyl looks like leather and feels thicker once it's applied to the fabric, but I had to lower my blade and pressure to cut it.  It cuts good though.

I added a pop up card with this design too.



Africa Peace Vinyl Decals

Here's a couple of designs I'm working on.  I plan on adding rhinestones in with the heat transfer vinyl.  I had to throw in a stick figure design too.

Put on a white piece of cotton fabric with rhinestones

This one is on white cotton fabric as well, but I didn't add the words to this one.  I need to make some edits first.