New Year's Eve Table Decorations - 2017

For my November 2016 Pazzles Design Team project I created a New Year's Eve table decoration.  I love the colors!

Read more on Pazzles website.

Here's a photo of the project.

Gina Stevens


Pazzles 12 Days of Memories

Pazzles is working on their 12 Days of Memories right now!  You really need to visit their website to check out the beautiful projects.

If I had to use just two words to describe these projects, they would be BEAUTIFUL and COLORFUL.

Here's a project by Amanda:

Gina Stevens


Greetings Wall Hanging - Gina Stevens

Here's a link to my Pazzles design team Holiday Wall Hanging.

Here's a photo of it directly from my camera.  I can't wait to see how this holds up outside in December.

Gina Stevens


Paper Model Steampunk Purse (SVG, WPC)

This Steampunk purse was the first in my steampunk collection, but it ended up being the third one I used to make an assembly video.

This purse was created in my Pazzles Pro 2014 software and cut out using my Pazzles InVue machine.

Visit my Etsy shop if you would like a digital download.

Gina Stevens

Steampunk Goggles - SVG

Here's some steampunk goggles!  Created and cut out using my Pazzles Invue software and InVue cutting machine.

Here's the assembly video.  I managed to make ONE video for this assembly.  :-)  If you can't hear some of what I say, don't worry, I have a habit of thinking aloud in the videos.  I'm working on stopping that habit.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Steampunk Boots - SVG

I have a new SVG file!  It is a pair of Steampunk boots.  I used the Destinations cardstock by Tim Holtz.  I love this paper, I just wish there were at least 2 of the same sheets in the pack.

I created my file using Pazzles InVue software and cut the file using my Pazzles Invue machine.

Here are a couple of photos and the assembly videos.  There are 3 parts.  Pretty long videos though. I'll try to cut the videos down when I show my other Steampunk creations.

This file is now available in my Etsy shop, which you can find by clicking the tab above.

Gina Stevens


October 2016 Pazzles Design Team Project - Engraving Tool

Here's my Pazzles Design Team project, one of them that was due at the end of October.

Check out the write-up in the Pazzles Craft Room.

Gina Stevens


InVue Color Palette - SU Regals and Neutrals

Another InVue color palette is available in the Pazzles Craft Room!  This one is named SU Regals and Neutrals.

If you have Pazzles InVue and a Pazzles member go and download this palette.  The colors are simply beautiful!

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Design Team - Halloween Treat Bag

This is one of my submissions for the Pazzles Design Team. It's a Halloween Treat bag.  I used Pazzles files, but I created the bag's body.

Gina Stevens


New Pazzles InVue 2.4 Update

If you haven't checked out the Pazzles InVue update yet, you need to head on over to the Craft Room to see some of the updates to the software.

One of the updates, "Apply Text to Path" was added and I am sooooo happy about that. The other update is a change to how we align objects.  No longer is there a dropdown box, but actual buttons. The buttons make alignment much easier.

There are more updates in 2.4, but I haven't figured them all out yet.  So far so good though.  Yayyy!

Gina Stevens


Saving Pazzles InVue Color Palettes

I made a quick video to show you how to save the InVue color palettes just in case you don't understand how to associate the scp file.

Hope that helps.

Gina Stevens


Print and Cut with the InVue Software

I am in happy land!  I'm so happy the print and cut is working for me now.  When I first got the machine, it would not cut properly, but it does now and I'm really happy about it.  I can add to my already long list of projects to design and cut with the software.

I use both Pazzles Pro 2014 and InVue.  One doesn't have what the other one has, but having both of them completes my projects with ease.

Today I was practicing on some print and cuts.  I found this image on dreamstime.com so I could see if the print and cut could handle it.  Well, it did!

The white border you see is set by the Inline feature in the Invue software.  The settings I used are on top of each image in the photo.

I made some changes to Bastet in Pro 2014 before I imported it into the Invue software.  I did forget to convert text to path, but it's ok since I was just practicing.  :-)

I think I shied away from cutting out clipart because I don't like fussy cutting, but now that the print and cut is working for me, I'll be able to do more of it.  yayyy!

If you don't like fussy cutting, the Pazzles Invue die-cut machine and software will be a good investment.  The Pazzles Craft Room also has a ton of images in their library to cut out as well.

Gina Stevens


Animal Toppers by Pazzles - Michelle Price

You have got to head over to the Pazzles Craft Room and check out these Animal Toppers created by Michelle Price.  They are sooo cute! I was trying to pick a favorite, but I couldn't.  I like all of them.  :-)

You can purchase these files, but if you're a Pazzles Craft Room member, you can download for free.

Gina Stevens


Candy Door Hanger

Who wouldn’t want this candy door hanger on their door?  Not me.  This would be such a sweet thing to give to someone as a birthday or a just because gift.

Visit the Pazzles craftroom for more views of this candy door hanger.  If you're a member, you can also download the file.

Gina Stevens


Refinished Wooden Cigar Box (Airbrushed)

Before and after photos of a wooden cigar box I refinished. I airbrushed it. I used a stencil I created for another project to get the random design on it and glued clear marbles to the bottom for legs. I'll be using this to put those coffee pods in.


Airbrushed Mercer University T-Shirt

I've airbrushed other school logos, but this time I decided to airbrush the one from my undergrad school.  The name is Orange heat transfer vinyl.



Piano Box with Rose - Julie Flanagan

Look at this beautiful project by Julie Flanagan!  I would definitely make this and sit it on my shelf. The Pazzles die-cut machine is incredible.  You can make just about anything you want with the software.

Read more about her project and see more photos in the Pazzles craftroom.

Gina Stevens


Checkers Board Game - Heidi Pazzles Design Team Member

I really enjoy playing board games.  My favorites are Scrabble, Backgammon, Monopoly, and Checkers.

This checkers board was presented to us in the Pazzles Craftroom by Heidi, my fellow Pazzles Design Team member.

If you’re a Pazzles Craftroom member, you can download the file to make your own Checker’s game. How cool is that?


Airbrush of Erykah Badu - Airbrush Practice

The Pazzles Invue software developers just recently amped up the way we convert photos to silhouettes!  Yayyy!  This is the first one I've done using the new Invue feature.  I normally do my conversions in Pazzles Pro 2014.

I converted this photo of Erykah Badu and added some background to it with my airbrush machine. The background is random, so there's no way for me to duplicate it. I airbrushed onto an 11"x14" canvas panel.

My logo isn't on the canvas panel, just the photo itself.

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Design Team Project - Gina Stevens

Here's my third project for the Pazzles Design Team.  It's a cellphone case that I created using some old denim.  I cut out the designs from the craftroom and used heat transfer vinyl to put them on the case. More info on the Pazzles blog.

Gina Stevens

Pazzles Color Palette - MME My Colors 2

Have you seen the latest color palette in the Pazzles Craftroom for the Invue software?
If not, you need to go there to download it.  The colors are from My Mind’s Eye and they are beautiful!

The color palettes are a big help when I’m creating images inside the software and want to print them.  Very easy to color coordinate.

Gina Stevens


Gum Box

I like this box so I made one based on the Ice Breaker Gum Box dimensions.  I created the file in the Pazzles 2014 software and cut it on my Pazzles Inspiration machine.  The bottom photo is a view of it cut out of the Graphic 45 paper.

Gina Stevens


Airbrush Practice - Photoshop CS4

Here's a photo I tried to edit on Photoshop.  I used the Artistic/Cut Out feature. After I saved it as a jpg I converted it in my Pazzles Pro 2014 software and cut it out onto Oracle 631 vinyl for my stencil. I also used 110 lb paper as stencils for all parts that are not black.

I used 3 stencils with this project.

Pazzles Design Team Member Sheri Kempke- July 2016

Take a look at this lovely project designed by Sheri Kempke!  That looks like a lot of work too.  I like the fact that the card is themed in a way to make it seem interactive.  The details are incredible.  The colors fit the project very well.

Visit the Pazzles website to find out how Sheri created this project.

Gina Stevens


Practice Airbrush on Paper - Fleur Di Lis Hairstyle

You can't tell in this photo, but there is a silver overlay on this art work. Nice sheen to it. I found a better way to use the silver paint in other words.

Designed in the Pazzles Pro 2010 software, but I made edits in the Pro 2014.

One thing I've learned is that using vinyl for a stencil will give you some random surprises you don't want. You don't know when it might tear your paper when you try to remove it. My plan is to put this on a t-shirt and tote bag.

Gina Stevens


Third Eye - Abstract Practice Airbrush

I had no idea where I was going with this design.  I started out with a polygon and the rest found it's way onto the surface.  :-)

The swirls are in the Pazzles 2014 image gallery. I used those for my background.

I used a stencil for each color as well as two stencils for the background and overlay colors.

All paint used is Createx.  The sketch pad is by Canson.  The paper weight is 65 lb.

Gina Stevens

Jalon - Airbrush Practice with Stencil

I finally got a decent airbrush project completed by trying to use a photo I edited in Photoshop.  I'm not a PS expert by any means, which is why I have to keep trying all kinds of things to get what I want.

I tried converting the image to a sketch in PS, but each time I tried I wasn't get much details.  This time I colorized the photo after changing it to a sketch to see if I could darken the lines.  This one, as opposed to just a black and white, did give me more details to work with.

After I do my thing in PS, I vectorized the jpg in Pazzles Pro 2014.  This is where things get scary because I don't know from the beginning if I will get all the details I want.  Pazzles Pro 2014 is also where I made most of my cleanup....besides the cleanup I have to do in PS.  This takes me a long time.

Here's the original photo along with the vectorization and a background stencil I created by using some images inside the Pazzles Pro 2014 image gallery.  The black out is what I use to cover the airbrushed image before I airbrush the background.

I think Jalon was just tired of me taking pictures of him. :-)  He covered his eyes and laughed.  :-)

This is what I changed the original photo to before I vectorized in the Pazzles Pro 2014 software.

I'm really surprised I was able to get some of the letters to show in the vectorized image.

Here's the final version in my sketch pad.

Gina Stevens