Barber Chair - Test File

I thought I would play around with a print and cut file so I created this barber chair using the barber chair on the left as inspiration.  I won't be using the file for anything, but if I did I would make quite a few changes.

Here's my test design of the barber chair:

Gina Stevens


Hendrix with Guitar White V-Neck T-Shirt

I have 4 of these XL White V-Neck T-Shirts with Jimi Hendrix and a guitar on them.

Find it on Etsy.

Gina Stevens


Pazzles File - Chapstick Purse

Here's a chapstick holder file I used from the Pazzles library.

I used a graphic from the Internet and printed it out on gold looking paper.  The shiny pieces are some foil cardstock. I added the little gold pieces because I didn't have any brads I wanted to use.

Gina Stevens

VW Beetle - Pazzles Library

Here's a VW Beetle I downloaded from the Pazzles Library.  It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble it.

Gina Stevens


Hearts and Stars Vinyl Decal - Iron Ons

Thought I would play around with an image from the Pazzles library.  This is actually one of my favorite images - the 2 faces.  Oh, the heart is in the library too.  Once you get the file, you can change the colors to whatever you like.

Gina Stevens


Butterfly Beauty Vinyl Decal (SVG)

You can change to colors to whatever you like in this downloadable zip file.

This could easily be used as a design for your wall too.

Gina Stevens

Mom Love's You, But I'm the Boss Round Here Vinyl Decal (SVG)

Download from Etsy.

Gina Stevens



Abstract Vinyl Decal - Harmony

This is one of my random computer graphics. I named this one Harmony. It will, of course, be a heat transfer vinyl decal, but I can also use wall vinyl. If I put this on a t-shirt for myself, I'm going to alter it so I can add rhinestones.

Not sure which color scheme I like best though. I may heat press both.

Gina Stevens

British Telephone Booth Heat Transfer Vinyl Decal (SVG)

Finally got this done!  I love that British Telephone Booth.  I have a 3D replica I created a while back.

Digital Download

I can also put this on a t-shirt for you.  There is a listing in the Etsy shop for that one.

Gina Stevens


Heat Transfer Vinyl - Wigs

Here are a couple of designs I call "wigs" for heat transfer vinyl projects.


Heat Transfer Vinyl Mask - Eyes Have It Curly Hair Mask

This mask can be resized to fit on a wall, t-shirt, wood, etc.  My recommendation is to not make it too small because of some of the pieces in the design.  This is the same design, but I changed the color of the eyes in one of them.

Gina Stevens


MultiColored Heat Transfer Vinyl African Mask

I can't imagine having to do a lot of these multi-colored African masks.  This one took me a long time to re-assemble onto scrap white fabric (it took even longer to try to knock out areas so I wouldn't have heat transfer vinyl pressed onto heat transfer vinyl).  I love it though!

I think dark purple would have been better, but I don't have any.  I can see quite a few color schemes in my head for this African mask.

Six colors in this design!  :-)

Here's the second one.  I haven't fixed it up for HTV yet.  Got to get to work behind the scenes to make good lines for vinyl.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Pro 2010 - Make Decorative Letters from Patterns (Video)

Want to make your own decorative letters from a pattern?  I like to use patterns to make letters for my heat transfer vinyl projects.

Here's a way to do this with Pazzles Pro 2010.  Keep in mind you can use decorative paper if you scan it in and you can make your own designs as well.

Enjoy.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Large A Peace Symbol Africa Heat Transfer Vinyl Design

Here's another of my tire tread letter designs (at least the A is).  This is a 4-color heat transfer vinyl design.  I'll post a completed version on some scrap fabric tomorrow.

Gina Stevens