Airbrush Stencils

Oh boy, gotta change how my brain works with these stencils.  If you've visited my blog for a while, you know that I've been creating stencils to use with heat transfer vinyl.  Well, with those you weed out all the white areas.  With the stencils I want to use with airbrushing, I have to weed out all the black.  This means I have to add in "islands" so I can have one whole stencil (parts not falling out).   With me, it takes a bit of thought to make that whole piece.  I've gotten better, but I have a bit of a way to go.  Especially with circles that I like to add to my designs.  I have to remember that I have to fill in those "islands" when I get ready to airbrush the design.

You can't tell from these photos, but that is black paper behind these white stencils. I used the black paper so you can see the stencils.

 My decorative afro has a lot of "islands".  I don't think I could forget to fill those in when I get ready to airbrush.  I'm just a little troubled with the circles on the right.  I'm gonna have to improvise.

 Notice the islands on her eyes.  When i get ready to airbrush, I will fill those in.


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