Pazzles Image CDs - CD51 - Party Collection

OMG!  You have got to go and check out the Pazzles Image CDs!  I just got the CD-51 - Party Collection.  Love it!  I already know I'll be using the Diva Party files first, but I'll be using all of them (but not as soon as I would like).  :-)

My family members love football and have football parties every year.  I'm not a sports person, but I know I'll be making plenty of the projects in the Football Party collection for them to use at the parties.

The next project I will tackle, after the Diva Party, will be from the Masquerade Party collection. Wow!

In this particular CD, there are 6 party themes:

Baby Shower

Once you visit Pazzles' store you can see the first 40 Image CDs. The most recently released Pazzle Image CDs are located here.

Once you visit Pazzles' website, you'll be able to see larger images of all of the themes in the recently released Party collection.

Once I make a project, I'll be sure to update this page so you can see how I decorated the files used from this CD.

Gina Stevens


Vintage Race Car

Finally finished up my vintage race car!  Now if only I could find some better glue!  :-)

I found a photo online of an old race car and I had to see if I can make a version of one.

Here's my version.  To see a larger view, click on the image.

I created this vintage car using the Pazzles Pro 2010 software and the Pazzles Inspiration die-cut machine.

Supplies Used:

Red Textured Cardstock for the car body
Black Textured Cardstock for the black pieces
Black Oracal 631 vinyl for the number on the side
Brownish cardstock for the window, hub cabs and the other side accessories
Hotfix Rhinestones
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Pazzles Inspiration Die-Cutter
Pazzles Pro 2010 Software

Gina Stevens


Airbrush Practice Artist Trading Cards

Here's a couple of airbrushed 2.5" x 3.5" wooden rectangles I painted and named Girl Power.  The main colors on these were painted on using a paint brush.

The stencil faces were cut from Oracal 651 vinyl so I could airbrush in the design. The image itself is from the image gallery in the Pazzles Pro 2010 software.

I learned a lesson when I was working on the black background piece.  I used the Apple Barrel acrylic paint, but when I airbrushed in the white opaque paint I realized I had not covered all the edges.  I then tried to use black paint to airbrush over the white overspray.....NOT!  Totally different look (even though you probably can't see the ugly contrast in this photo).

The blue background piece is much better as far as the spraying goes because I made sure all areas where I did not want to airbrush was covered.  I decided to do two colors on the words.  The copper splashes are Super Copper Pearl Ex (that was added right after I painted the blue color on the wooden piece).  I added a screw on the back just in case I want to hang it on something.

These two are just practice pieces.  I have a ton of other ideas for airbrush designs.  :-)  I'm also practicing using the airbrush.  I'm still a rookie with it.  :-)



Pazzles Engraving Tool - Artist Trading Card

I have some 2.5" x 3.5" wooden pieces.  I like to make Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and thought I would make one using the Afro I created in the Pazzles Pro 2010 software.

Pazzles has a few tools to use with their die-cutters.  I have the Engraving tool which I've used on various media.  The afro on the wooden piece is 36 gauge aluminum, so it's really easy to engrave on and cut with scissors.

The other metal pieces are watch parts I purchased off ebay about 2 years ago.

I painted the surface of the wood with black acrylic paint and scuffed it up some so it would look vintage.

Gina Stevens


Getting that White Background in Photoshop CS4

I just learned something very important.  I wish I had known how to do this a few years ago:  How to get a white background using Photoshop CS4.  Yes, I still have the old version of Photoshop. :-)

Anyway, check out this article from Tabletop Studio.  It's so simple I could kick myself for not discovering this much sooner.  :-)  I'm so happy I found these instructions.  Thank you to whomever wrote it. So simple and straight to the point.



Pazzles Graduation Gift Card Holder and Box

Here's a really cute gift card holder and box.  The file is in the Pazzles Craftroom.  This project was assembled and decorated by Belle Donaghey.  This is a really nicely decorated Pazzles file.  My favorite part is the owl.  I LOVE owls!

The image below is from the Pazzles Craftroom.  Once you visit the craftroom you can see another view of this adorable gift card holder.

Gina Stevens