Airbrush Afro Design

I've been practicing airbrushing lately.  I've got a lot to learn, along with how to make stencils so I can airbrush a design over and over again.  The one thing I'm learning is how to make a stencil where I don't have a lot of pieces falling out, which means I have to learn how to make bridges or islands in the stencil without making the stencil look crazy.

I make these designs different based on the project.  I've used this design using heat transfer vinyl, but it was a different story when it came down to making a stencil for airbrushing.

When I airbrushed this design I used 4 stencils because for some reason the word Beauty would not cut out properly and I made a separate base afro.  Well, after looking at the stencils again, I won't need the base design, I'll just use the piece that has only the face cut out of the afro.  I can still get the white shadow I wanted with the face cut out.  That's not what I was thinking when I made the stencil though, because I was thinking I would spray into the face, which I don't want.  So instead of having 4 stencils, I can make this into 2 stencils.  Yay!  :-)

I used black construction paper as the background.  The red and white paint is by Createx.  I used White Opaque and Red Transparent paint.  The stencils I used are from Stencilease.  It's their 4 mil blank stencil sheets. You can find Createx paint and stencil sheets at Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and different places around the Internet.

Gina Stevens


First Pazzles Design Team Project

Can't believe I managed to finish my first Pazzles Design Team Project!

My assignment was to use the engraving tool so I decided to make a vintage metal label for a greeting card.

Gina Stevens


Fro Snow African American Princess Airbrush Practice - Nani Nani Kids

Found this cute little image at Nani Nani Kids Coloring Pages.

I tried to make this really close to the original look of the image, but I had some issues with small lines.  I'm not that good with very detailed stencil making yet.  I'll be sure to airbrush this again.

Also, I wanted to airbrush on something black.  My daughter gave me some black construction paper since she didn't need it anymore.  I don't usually use construction paper, but I'm happy I did this time. Good practice for black backgrounds and airbrushing.

I think I got better results this time because instead of using 30 PSI with my airbrush compressor, I turned it down to 20 PSI so I could control the paint a little better.  I actually painted the lips without anything to cover up the rest of the design and didn't get much overspray!  yay!  Click the images for a larger view.

I also had to take the hearts off because I lost them when I took the stencil off the Pazzles mat (I vectorized the image in Pazzles Pro 2014 and cut it on the Pazzles Inspiration die-cut machine)  I took the interior white of the Afro off too.  I may try to get a bit closer to the original next time.

For the stencil, I used the clear contact paper I found at Wal-mart a while ago.  When I first tried to use it on white fabric, it didn't work out so well.  I'll have to try that again.

So happy I found these images.  They are too cute.

Gina Stevens


Flowery Season SVG

This SVG file, for a short time, will be free for you to use.  I call it Flowery Season.

Gina Stevens


Paisley HTV Design

I initially tried to make this an airbrush design, but my airbrushing skills are not up to par yet, especially with smaller details and the airbrush spitting out water when I least expect it to. So, I decided to use heat transfer vinyl on this white t-shirt. I have 2 other designs with this pattern. I'll see which one I can airbrush successfully. With the heat transfer vinyl, I somehow don't line up small pieces all that well, but it's wearable for me. :-)

The flowers are from the Pro 2014 Image Gallery.

What do you think this pattern means? Clue: Prince :-)

Gina Stevens


Shoe House - Pazzles File

Here's a shoe house file I found in the Pazzles Craftroom.  I made it into a small gift tag, but it can be used for anything your mind comes up with.  This particular gift tag won't have a string tied to it.  I'll be gluing the back onto the top of the box or front of the gift bag.

The original file is a paper piecing.  I added the back by duplicating the front and adding a score mark where I wanted it to fold.

Gina Stevens

Dimensional Picture Frames - Heidi Edwards

You have got to check out these box picture frames!  They are called dimensional paper picture frames that were assembled and decorated by Heidi Edwards, who is a Pazzles Design Team Member.  She used some files from the Pazzles library.  Check out the Pazzles post here.

I'm going to make some of these frames. I have tons of pictures that need frames!  :-)

Be sure to visit the Pazzles website to read more about other things available.  I just love my Pazzles machine.  You can make almost anything using it!  :-)

Gina Stevens


Prince Rogers Nelson Airbrush Design

I tell you what, I have a long way to go with my airbrushing adventure.  My main problem is overspray.

I taped everything off, but didn't count on the spray going over the tape.  Uggghhh!  I tried to regroup on the mistakes by just adding more black.  NOT!!!

I'll be doing this project over next week, but let me tell you what really messed me up.  I was going to wear the shirt anyway, but when I got to the part where I added his name, the quilting spray I used gunked up on me. I used the glue behind the stencil on the other pieces, but when I pulled the stencil off, all that glue was left on.  Once I get me some stencil glue, I think this will be a lot better.  I just have to practice more on how NOT to get the overspray.

Prince's face, symbol, and the purple rain were all from photos that I vectorized and made into stencils.

Even though I'm disappointed, I still like the project (darn glue).

Gina Stevens

UPDATE:  I'm still trying to salvage this shirt. I added rhinestuds and I managed to get the glue off after I washed the shirt.  It faded pretty bad, but I didn't heat set it first.  I'm gonna have to call this a practice shirt because I'm gonna attempt to make another one.


Mother's Day Exploding Box - Belle Donaghey

I like the exploding boxes.  I haven't made one yet, but some day I will.  :-)

Check out this exploding box by Belle Donaghey.  It's so elegant.  I love it.

Visit the Pazzles Craftroom for more details about this exploding box.

Gina Stevens