Airbrush Afro Design

I've been practicing airbrushing lately.  I've got a lot to learn, along with how to make stencils so I can airbrush a design over and over again.  The one thing I'm learning is how to make a stencil where I don't have a lot of pieces falling out, which means I have to learn how to make bridges or islands in the stencil without making the stencil look crazy.

I make these designs different based on the project.  I've used this design using heat transfer vinyl, but it was a different story when it came down to making a stencil for airbrushing.

When I airbrushed this design I used 4 stencils because for some reason the word Beauty would not cut out properly and I made a separate base afro.  Well, after looking at the stencils again, I won't need the base design, I'll just use the piece that has only the face cut out of the afro.  I can still get the white shadow I wanted with the face cut out.  That's not what I was thinking when I made the stencil though, because I was thinking I would spray into the face, which I don't want.  So instead of having 4 stencils, I can make this into 2 stencils.  Yay!  :-)

I used black construction paper as the background.  The red and white paint is by Createx.  I used White Opaque and Red Transparent paint.  The stencils I used are from Stencilease.  It's their 4 mil blank stencil sheets. You can find Createx paint and stencil sheets at Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and different places around the Internet.

Gina Stevens

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