Fro Snow African American Princess Airbrush Practice - Nani Nani Kids

Found this cute little image at Nani Nani Kids Coloring Pages.

I tried to make this really close to the original look of the image, but I had some issues with small lines.  I'm not that good with very detailed stencil making yet.  I'll be sure to airbrush this again.

Also, I wanted to airbrush on something black.  My daughter gave me some black construction paper since she didn't need it anymore.  I don't usually use construction paper, but I'm happy I did this time. Good practice for black backgrounds and airbrushing.

I think I got better results this time because instead of using 30 PSI with my airbrush compressor, I turned it down to 20 PSI so I could control the paint a little better.  I actually painted the lips without anything to cover up the rest of the design and didn't get much overspray!  yay!  Click the images for a larger view.

I also had to take the hearts off because I lost them when I took the stencil off the Pazzles mat (I vectorized the image in Pazzles Pro 2014 and cut it on the Pazzles Inspiration die-cut machine)  I took the interior white of the Afro off too.  I may try to get a bit closer to the original next time.

For the stencil, I used the clear contact paper I found at Wal-mart a while ago.  When I first tried to use it on white fabric, it didn't work out so well.  I'll have to try that again.

So happy I found these images.  They are too cute.

Gina Stevens

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