Prince Rogers Nelson Airbrush Design

I tell you what, I have a long way to go with my airbrushing adventure.  My main problem is overspray.

I taped everything off, but didn't count on the spray going over the tape.  Uggghhh!  I tried to regroup on the mistakes by just adding more black.  NOT!!!

I'll be doing this project over next week, but let me tell you what really messed me up.  I was going to wear the shirt anyway, but when I got to the part where I added his name, the quilting spray I used gunked up on me. I used the glue behind the stencil on the other pieces, but when I pulled the stencil off, all that glue was left on.  Once I get me some stencil glue, I think this will be a lot better.  I just have to practice more on how NOT to get the overspray.

Prince's face, symbol, and the purple rain were all from photos that I vectorized and made into stencils.

Even though I'm disappointed, I still like the project (darn glue).

Gina Stevens

UPDATE:  I'm still trying to salvage this shirt. I added rhinestuds and I managed to get the glue off after I washed the shirt.  It faded pretty bad, but I didn't heat set it first.  I'm gonna have to call this a practice shirt because I'm gonna attempt to make another one.

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