Look At The Bright Side - Vinyl Decal

UPDATE:  Here's one airbrush idea I put on 8"x10" canvas panel. I masked instead of stenciling this first one.

I'll be using this Look @ The Bright Side design with heat transfer vinyl and I'll be airbrushing it.

Gina Stevens


Ready for Airbrushing - Swirl Hair Girl - Alexandria

Gina Stevens

Airbrushed Barber Home Decor

Airbrushed onto an 8" x 10" canvas board.  In this photo it's not completely dry. I'll post another photo with the final look.

Gina Stevens

Beehive Girl with Hair Tools Airbrushed Home Decor

Find this 8" x 10" canvas board home decor on Etsy.

Gina Stevens

Barber Shop Vinyl Decals (SVG)

You can use these barber shop vinyl designs with heat transfer vinyl, wall vinyl, or use as a vinyl stencil for painting or airbrushing.  Resize to fit your project.

Visit my Etsy shop to download these resizable barber shop vinyl decals.

Gina Stevens


Airbrush Practice - Criminal Minds

I used Bristol paper to airbrush this Criminal Minds vectorized image onto.  It turned out pretty good. Since there are only two colors, I only needed two stencils.

Gina Stevens

Airbrush Practice - Eleanor Alvin and the Chipmunks

I used Bristol paper to practice airbrushing Eleanor from the Chippettes (I think it's Eleanor).  I vectorized a coloring page so I could make stencils.  I'm surprised how well this paper held up with airbrushing.  Barely any warping and it didn't soak through.  I think it's 100 lb, but not sure.

Gina Stevens


Airbrush or Vinyl Stencil Design - Handrawn Swirls Door Sign

I'm going to tackle this abstract design I created tonight.  Once I finish I'll post it.
Click on the image for a larger view.

Gina Stevens

Airbrush Practice - Girl with Afro Puff

I've not only been practicing airbrushing, but I'm also experimenting with how to prep different materials to see how the paint, both opaque and transparent, will work on them.  This is the first time I've airbrushed on .022 chipboard.  I didn't airbrush straight on it, I painted a subtle white onto the chipboard before I started to airbrush.  I like the way the airbrush paint reacts.  I'm still not so good with aligning stencils correctly, but I'm getting there.  :-)

The smudges are in this practice because I attempted to airbrush the layers without putting any stencil adhesive on the back....not a good idea, especially since my stencil was 110 lb cardstock.  I sprayed too much paint and the paper warped.

The top one is the design straight from Pazzles 2014 where I designed it.  The second one is my airbrush practice.

Well, I'm not practicing anymore this evening.  I'm headed back to designing something else.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Natural Afro Ankh Vinyl Decals (SVG)

So I'm calling this design Natural Afro Ankh Vinyl Decals, but I'll be using them for airbrushing too. Click on the image for a larger view.

These designs will be in my Etsy shop as soon as I test them. If you want to download one, let me know which one you like.  The Etsy file will only have one design in it.

Here's my practice session for the first afro.  I made some oops in the airbrushing, but the stencil itself is good.  I've got to practice more or either stop to think this out a bit better...I'm sure both is the case.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Police Box Gift Box (SVG)

I created this little police box gift box today.  I found an RGB color to plug into the Pazzles 2014 color palette to be similar to the real police box color.  The front cover is a print out that I glued onto the front of the box.

Find the download on Etsy.

Gina Stevens


Freedom Peace World Vinyl Decals (SVG)

Here is a Freedom Peace World Vinyl Decals file with 3 svg vinyl decal designs inside.  I'll be using mine for airbrushing.  If you don't have an airbrush, you can use a paint brush.  I would recommend using vinyl for your stencils, but if you're really good at stencils, you can using any material of your choice.

Check out my Etsy shop to see other designs.

Gina Stevens


Airbrush Practice - Thomas The Train

This is the first time I've airbrushed on canvas board and I learned a few things not to do when I airbrush on this type of substrate again.

I used a vinyl stencil for the black areas.  I noticed that the paint was easily scratched.  I haven't gone back to fix it because I think I might mess it up even worse....I'm not that good at going back and airbrushing over small areas.  When I tried that before the color was off and you could tell where I went back to paint the area.

With the yellow Y, I think I should have put down a white base coat before I painted the yellow because it's see through....the paint is transparent, but so are the other colors so I didn't even think to paint a base coat for the yellow.  On top of that, when I was taking off the stencil I smudged the yellow...aaarrrggghhh!  :-)

I have one more canvas board, but before I tackle this again, I've got to make some edits to the stencils, especially the smile on Thomas' face.  It's way too thin.

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Color Palettes

Pazzles have new color palettes for their Invue software.  I've downloaded and used every single one.  The colors are very vibrant with my printer.

Be sure to check their website each week to download a new palette.

*Must have the Invue software.

Gina Stevens



Airbrush Practice - Alvin and the Chipmunks

Just thought I would go back to trying to airbrush coloring pages.  I decided to try this again since I have a different technique with the stencils.  I'm using Oracal 651 for the main outlines or for any pieces that fall out, mainly.

I cut all my stencils out using my Pazzles Inspiration machine and I convert the image to a vectorized image using Pazzles Pro 2014 software.

For this coloring page I used 6 stencils.  Each stencil is for each different color I have in the image.

Here's the coloring page I used:

I airbrushed the image onto white cotton scrap fabric.  Speaking of fabric, I now know why I was having trouble lining up the stencils after I take off the Oracle 651......the fabric gets looser and not as tight as it was when I started.  Aaaarrrggghhh!  :-)

Anyway, here's my finished result.  I also tested to see if I could fill in some areas with a paint brush. It worked out ok on the glasses on the right, but not so good at the bottom of the A.  Overall, I do like it.  I did a much better job than I did in the beginning when I tried to airbrush a complex coloring page on fabric. :-)

After looking at this again, I like the fact that the white is in between the black and brown of their faces because you can see all 3 much better.

Gina Stevens


Airbrush African Mask - Steps I Took

Here is how I stenciled and airbrushed my African Mask.  This is what the final result can look like. You can choose your own colors.

First step is use vinyl to cut out all the pieces of the mask.  In the file there is a square around the mask so you can have a wider area to airbrush and cut down on some of the overspray.  In this photo, I took off the black base and all other black pieces of the mask so I could airbrush those areas black. I left on all the other colors for this part.  Note there are two other templates:  A green one and a red one.  I used paper for these templates and used stencil spray to place them.

After you have airbrushed the black areas you can now take off the vinyl that is covering up the red areas.

Place the red template on top of the area you just spray painted.  Be sure to align correctly so you only paint the areas you want to be red.

After you've painted the red, take off the red template.  Take off the vinyl that is covering the green areas and place the green template on top and paint. Take this off after painting green.

Now, take off all remaining vinyl so you can reveal the white areas.  All done.  Let me know if you have questions.  Find this file on Etsy.

Gina Stevens

Airbrush African Mask - Practice 2

I'm a beginner airbrusher and I've been practicing, practicing, practicing.  :-)

Here's a mask I created using my die-cutting software, Pazzles Pro 2014.  I cut the stencils out using my Pazzles Inspiration die-cutter.

It took me a little while to get this to work out for airbrushing because I initially made this design for heat transfer vinyl.  I'm also new at making stencils for airbrushing.

Today I practiced this design and here are the results.  The first result was not good to me (taped to the fabric).  I used clear contact paper for the stencil and the transfer tape.  The stencil I cut from contact paper wouldn't stay on the fabric very well so I switched back to using Oracal 651 and used the contact paper as my transfer tape.  You have to work with it, but it works.

Here's the before and after practice. The second one is MUCH better.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Next, I will attempt to show you what I did to airbrush this African mask.

Gina Stevens


Airbrush Practice - Prince Symbol in Rain Drop

I'm still practicing airbrushing!

Today I tested this Prince design I came up with on white fabric and on black construction paper.  I've been using clear contact paper for my stencil and for transfer tape.  I'm finding that the contact paper does not like fabric much because it pulls up.  I have to struggle with this process.

Here's the white fabric/white background test.

I wasn't really expecting the overspray outside of the raindrop. I thought the contact paper would hold better, but it didn't.  I also didn't line up the second stencil too well.  you can see the white outside the raindrops.  Overall, I do like it, but it can definitely be much better.

Here's the black construction paper/black background test.  I added reducer to the Createx Opaque white paint and the purple paint.  I think that's why I oversaturated the paper and made that ripple look.  The paint comes out of the airbrush nicer, but the oversaturation is not cool.  I may have been spraying too close too.  I still wasn't too good with lining up the second stencil which is why I have the white showing in places it shouldn't be showing.

I did manage to get this down to 2 stencils, which I like, but I've got to get better with lining them up.

Oh well, more practice to come.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Cat Decoration Project - Sheri Kempke

Sheri did an awesome job with her project.  She used vinyl to cut out the designs. I also really like that vintage look as well.

Check her out at Pazzles:  Sheri Kempke - Pazzles Design Team Member

Visit her blog too.

Isn't this adorable?!  I love this!  I love cats!

Gina Stevens


Party Time Small Invitation Card and Envelope (SVG, WPC)

It’s party time!

I made this little invitation and envelope using files from the Pazzles Invue image gallery.  The boots and the skyline are both from Collections.

The World Win cardstock I used for the boots and the word Party is Light Chocolate and is a 65 lb cardstock.

The invitation and the envelope are cut from World Win Medium Mostly Mauve that is also 65 lb cardstock.  Folded, the invitation is 3” x 3” and the envelope is slightly larger.

The skyline and the name Vanessa are both cut from Oracal vinyl.  The font used for both Vanessa and Party is named Crill Italic Light (located in the Pazzles fonts).

I created the envelope and the card.

Supplies Used:
Light Chocolate Malt - World Win (65 lb)
Medium Mostly Mauve - World Win (65 lb)
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Zig 2-Way Glue Pen
Darice Acrylic Self Adhesive Stars
Oracle Vinyl

Pazzles Files:
Collections>Wicked>Wicked Spider Boot
Collections>Comic Book>Comic Book Skyline Border

Download the zip file here.  There is an SVG and a WPC file inside the .zip.

Gina Stevens